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Security Camera System Components

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Security Camera System Components

Product Description

Can I Install a Professional Security Camera System?

One of the first questions our customers ask us - "is this something I can do myself?"

Let me answer this question first. If you can run a cable from a camera to a digital video recorder, than you can install our CCTV Security Camera Systems. If you do it yourself instead of outsourcing, you will save thousands of dollars. The only time consuming part of the job is running the cable from the recorder to the camera. Today's technology has made it simple and easy for virtually anyone to take advantage of 24/7 surveillance.

Professional Security Camera System Five Components:

1. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

This is what records the video cameras. The video is stored on the DVR's Hard Drive. H.264 Compression DVR is the NEW compression industry standard. The H.264 Compression DVR stores 3x longer video than the older MPEG and MPEG4 Compression DVR's. I is old technology with less video storage. H.264 DVR's will enable higher video quality both live and over the internet.

All of our DVR's have remote internet viewing from any high speed internet connection in the world as well as mobile phones such as the iphone, or any phone with the 3G Network. Most work with Symbian and the WinCE networks as well. Remote viewing is free. All of our DVR's work with a Dynamic IP address. That is what you will use to access your cameras. To remote view you enter in a web address (ip address), type in your user name and password, and you can view your cameras. Dynamic IP addresses are FREE, so there is no monthy fee extra monthly fee - just your high speed internet. Multiple people can view the cameras remotely at the same time.

Our digital video recorders have sophisticated motion detection with object masking, making it easy for you to review the most important events on each camera. If you choose, you can set up our DVR's record on motion, to prolong the storage of the video on the hard drive. If preferred, you can record 24/7 all the time. You can record on schedule. All video channels have an address that you assign Such as (Outside Front Yard) and is time and date stamped and video is digitally watermarked to prevent video and/or evidence tampering.

When purchasing a DVR, be sure you pick one with H.264 Compression (all of our standalone DVR's on the site have H.264 Compression, we retired the old MPEG and JPEG technology). Also, it is important to have a good amount of video storage (ex. 250 gigabyte Hard Drive, 500 gigabyte Hard Drive, 1 Terabyte Hard Drive. Generally speaking, the longer video storage, the better. With our H.264 compression digital video recorders you will notice large hard drives are included for plenty of storage time. H.264 is the "state of the art" in the Surveillance Industry. And don't worry, after the hard drive is filled with video, the DVR simply loops around and starts from the beginning.

When it comes to burning video make sure the DVR has at least one USB if you wish to burn video to a USB flash drive. All of our DVRs are also networkable with your PC's in the home or office. What this means to you is that you can view your camera system conveniently, with any of your computers on the network as it is compatible with Windows.

Make sure your DVR is in a safe place or locked area as we do not want the DVR to be stolen.

2. Cable, Connections, and Power

The next step is to simply use our Pre-cut Cable or Spools or 500 or 100 Foot Combo Video (BNC Connection) / Power RG59 Siamese Coax Cable. All CCTV security cameras need both Power and Video (2 in One Cable). So you are run just one cable from the DVR to each camera. You can run each cameras cable up to 700 feet without any video loss. Simply connect the video cable to the DVR (says BNC), and plug the power into the power supply. RG59 Siamese Cable. It is the type of cable used to run most CCTV installs. This cable consists of one video cable and one power cable (Positive and Negative), thus the name Siamese.

Designate one location for your DVR and Monitor to be stationed and be sure you have enough wire to connect the DVR to the camera (leave some slack). Designate the location for your DVR and Monitor to be stationed.

If you purchased our Premade RG59 cable with the BNC connections already attached to the line, then at this point you would connect it to the DVR. If you purchased a bulk roll of RG59, we will automatically supply the BNC connections free of charge. You may use twist ons (most commonly used), or crimp on connections.

As for the power, there are two alternatives

  • You can run each power line separately into an outlet (using pig tails, which is supplied) and an AC Adapter (automatically supplied when you choose a camera and cable)

  • When using multiple cameras, such as in our systems, you will receive a Multiple Output Central Power Supply Box. You will simply screw in the positive and negative thin 18/2 thin wire (black and red) into the power supply. It makes it very clean as the power supply has only one power line which goes directly to your power outlet. *Wait until you hook up the camera before turning on the power.

Now that you have your video and power lines connected all you need to do is plug in the DVR and attach a Monitor to the DVR after we install and connect our CAMERAS to the system.

3. Cameras

Time to connect the Power/Video Siamese Coax Cables to the Camera. Each camera takes power and video. Simply plug in both sides of the Siamese Coax Cable (the power and video) to the cameras. You can mix and match any cameras on the website desired for your application. All of our cameras utilize the Sony Super HAD CCD, for superior video quality. Our high resolution cameras include:

  • Infrared Day/Night (color during the day, black and white and infrared viewing in complete darkness.)

  • Dome Security Cameras (a favorite for indoor applications)

  • Bullet Security Cameras (size of a finger "thus called bullet.")

  • Box Security Cameras (you see in banks a lot)

  • PTZ Security Camera (Controllable Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras such as the airport) These cameras are more expensive generally speaking.

  • Hidden Cameras (smoke detector, motion sensor, clocks)

**Some cameras can be used outdoor or indoor. This will be specified on the website. NEVER use an indoor camera outdoor or there will eventually be video issues.

*TIP - All of the cameras vary and offer outdoor, indoor, or infrared capabilities. This will be explained to you when looking at different cameras. We will choose the cameras according to your application. Infrared Weatherproof Bullet Cameras are most popular for outdoor, and our dome cameras are popular for indoor applications.

Our cameras in our systems are our most popular cameras, with high ratings from customers and installers. They are high resolution cameras that you can expect to have superior quality to many other cameras on the market. All of our system cameras are Sony Super HAD CCD Cameras with 480 lines or more (called high resolution compared to normal resolution 380 and 420 line cameras.

4. Monitor(s)

You may use up to 2 monitors with all of our DVR's. One can be a TV or standard RCA monitor (BNC and RCA are compatible with our connections. All our DVR's have VGA capability, meaning you can use a PC LCD monitor if you wish - we even carry VGA extension cords if you wish to place the monitor as far as 100 feet away. Also, each monitor can show the same, or different channels of video. For example, you may choose to view all your cameras at one time, but only allow employees and customers to see certain cameras. If you do not wish to attach a monitor to a DVR, that is okay. It will still record, you can still view remotely, and you can still view on your computer network.

5. High speed internet connection (optional)

If you choose to view your cameras on the internet all you need is high speed internet access at the DVR's location - hard wire preferred. Simply plug in the DVR just like you plug in a PC to the modem or router. You will use a dynamic ip address (which is free) to view your cameras remotely. Type in your own web address (we show you how in the direction manual. Enter in your user ID and Password, and you are viewing your cameras from anywhere in the world. You can view live cameras, review old video, and do most, if not all the tasks that you can perform directly with the DVR.

We hope this article give you a great overview and makes installation simple for you. Our goal was to give you a good, yet simple overview. If you can run cables from each camera to the DVR you will find it to be easy. You will save thousands. Some of our customers utilize the services of electricians or computer networkers, at least to run the wire. All connections are straight forward and simple. The bottom line is, security camera systems come at a reasonable price and can enhance your security both in the home and business. Some insurance companies even give you a discount for employing a CCTV system. We all can affort to protect against vandlism, theft, slip and falls, and enhance overall employee performance with the use of a professional video surveillance system.

With today's technology, CCTV Security Camera Systems can be among the BEST asset and equipment to protect your home and business. Installing your system can be fun, interesting, and rewarding. We hope you enjoy and have years of high performance from our H.264 DVR Security Camera Systems.

If you have additional questions or would like help by phone, simply call us at (888) 653-2288.

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