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Home > 2 Camera Systems > "EAGLE EYE" (240 FOOT IN DARKNESS) "PRO SERIES" "EAGLE EYE" SUPER LONG RANGE Complete 2 Camera Indoor/Outdoor Color Sony EFFIO 750 Line Infrared Security Camera System
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"EAGLE EYE" (240 FOOT IN DARKNESS) "PRO SERIES" "EAGLE EYE" SUPER LONG RANGE Complete 2 Camera Indoor/Outdoor Color Sony EFFIO 750 Line Infrared Security Camera System

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"EAGLE EYE" (240 FOOT IN DARKNESS) "PRO SERIES" "EAGLE EYE" SUPER LONG RANGE Complete 2 Camera Indoor/Outdoor Color Sony EFFIO 750 Line Infrared Security Camera System

The NEW 960H Digital Video Recorder HAS ARRIVED! WE HAVE UPGRADED our “PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorders from D1 Resolution to 960H Resolution to take advantage of the latest technology.A high quality, powerful DVR is the backbone of every security camera system. Our NEW 960H Digital Video Recorder has taken video resolution to a whole new level!

CCTVSecurityPros 960H Line of Digital Video Recorders provide up to 960 horizontal lines of resolution - the highest available in its class. The new 960H DVRs is the "new industry standard" in terms of video resolution and size. 960H represents the number of horizontal pixels in the CCD image sensor (960). 960H technology provides a significant 34% increase in video resolution in comparison to D1 (720) and 500% increase compared to CIF resolution! In addition, 960H offers you "true to life" wide screen video display. Better DVR recording performance gives you more cost-effective options when configuring, adding, and replacing cameras.

Our "PRO SERIES" Security Camera Systems combine our Super High Resolution Sony CCD Security Cameras with our 960H Professional High Resolution Digital Video Recorder. Our "PRO SERIES" Security Camera Systems will enable you to record and monitor video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security is "at your fingertips" with the ability to monitor your home or business while you are away though your Cell Phone, Pads, and Internet enabled devices.

If you can run a wire from each camera back to the recorder you CAN do it yourself and save thousands!

The cameras in this "EXTREME SERIES" Security Camera System are our "EAGLE EYE". The "EAGLE EYE" is OUR LONGEST RANGE INFRARED CAMERA. The "EAGLE EYE" Sony EFFIO Long Range Infrared Bullet Surveillance Camera (CSP-240AIR) is a Professional Long Range Infrared Surveillance Camera that incorporates the latest Sony Sensor with a 6-60mm Vari-focal Long Range Lens. The "EAGLE EYE" has 750 Lines of High Resolution so you can see video with exceptional clarity. Whether near of far, the "EAGLE EYE" can be adjusted just like you would adjust a pair of binoculars!

Our High Resolution Security Cameras, coupled with our NEW 960H Digital Video Recorder, will provide you with a superior surveillance system. 960H conveniently utilizes the same cabling (BNC, RG-59) as traditional or standard analog security camera systems, making it easy to add or replace your existing system.

Frames Per Second or FPS represents the number of images that are captured each second. A 30 Frame Per Second (FPS) Frame Rate is considered TV/DVD Quality Video. Our "PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorder captures and records high resolution video in Real Time 30 Frames per Second, meaning no jerkiness or lag time like some of older DVRs of the past.

Our "PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorder utilizes H.264 Compression Technology. H.264 Compression enables you to store up to 3x more video than with the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs. Our "PRO SERIES" DVR has 2 built in SATA hard drives, capable of storing up to 12 Terabytes of data for long video storage. Easily and quickly retrieve video by time and date on a USB flash drive or email video for review.

Additional features and functions of our "PRO SERIES" Systems include Motion, 24/7 or Scheduled Recording; Motion Email Alerts with Digital Snapshot, Digital Zoom, Multiple Screen Displays, PTZ Control, HDMI High Definition Multimedia Display, and much more. Our “PRO SERIES” Digital Video Recorders come with a FULL 2 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee, and Free Technical Support.

Our "PRO SERIES" Security Camera Systems are simple to install. We provide you with instruction manuals, quick start guides, diagrams, online videos, and live technical support Monday to Friday to help answer any questions you may have. In addition installation information and resources can be found right on the Technical Support tab of this website.

Our "PRO SERIES" Security Camera Systems come with everything needed for installation including the Digital Video Recorder, Cameras, Cables, and Connections. Two Surveillance Stickers and a 10 x 10 Inch Aluminum Sign is also included with your system.

If you are looking for professional, high resolution Security Camera System for your home, business, or organization, the "PRO SERIES" Security Camera System Line. We guarantee it will surpass your expectations.

Order this Complete "PRO SERIES" Security Camera System Online 24/7 or Call Us at (888) 653-2288
for Advice or to Customize YOUR System today!

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