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Security Camera Reviews

  • "Just wanted to to thank you for the exceptional service we have received from CCTV Security Pros. From the advise we have received from the initial system hardware purchase to troubleshooting the various problems we have encountered over roughly the past two years, the person at the other end of the phone has always been courteous, easy to work with and seemed to always have our best interest in mind. Our situation is complicated by the fact our two locations are 1200 miles apart and remotely being able to access the system is a high priority."
  • "We have worked with a customer service person named Jay at extension x86 on several occasions and he has always gone out of his way to make himself available when we needed assistance and always solved the problem! We do not hesitate to recommend CCTV Security Pros to our friends and colleagues. The technical expertise and customer service you provide is your best asset. Feel free to use this a testimonial on your website."
  • “I replaced several older DVRs at my locations to replace my old JPEG DVRs. I set up yours. First of all, setup was simple. I simply unplugged my BNC connections from my old DVR and plugged it into yours. Needless to say, your interface is really easy to use and set up. I use your system everyday, mostly over my iPhone. I am amazed at the picture quality. I want to thank you and your organization for your professionalism and outstanding products.” Jack, Kentucky
  • "I have been in the business for 23 years. I want to let you know that I love your products and service. These days good service is hard to find and you should be proud of your customer service. I will continue to use your products and I want to thank you for making my life easy." Albert M.
  • “The BEST DVR I have ever had. I even had a PC based DVR to try to get better quality than the standalone. The HDMI and H.264 compression made a big difference. I am glad I have this option for my customers.” Phil, New Jersey
  • “I am writing this for two reasons. The first is to thank your TECH NICK. He patiently helped me with my questions with both setting up and training to use my system. The quality of the PRO SERIES DVR is amazing, but the service was also OUTSTANDING. With Nick’s help I was able to connect the DVR to the Internet and Cell Phone. He also mentioned I no longer needed my static ip which required a monthly fee. We set up a FREE dynamic IP address. I look forward to working with you in the future.” William, Oregon
  • I used to have things stolen from me on several occassions, now things have change because now I know exactly who they were and when it took place and its on video. These videos makes a big difference when you go to court.
  • I recommend CCTV Security Pros to anyone who wants an affordable CCTV camera system that has great quality from this company. They have a wide selection of cameras to choose from to fit your needs. I’m a satisfied customer. Thank you Mr. Evans and tech support for all your help and you may post my comment on your website. -- Mr.Ernest Kawaiaea, Order No 14450 Las Vegas, Nevada 89032
  • I wanted to thank Joe for his help setting up my Black Knight System to the Internet. He made it simple and easy. On one other note I wanted to mention that your BLACK KNIGHT Security Camera System is far superior to any system we had in the past. There is no comparison as far as the DVR and the resolution it delivers. Great job guys! (Jim C. FAA)
  • Evan, since you asked me, I thought I would comment on your Black Knight System. First of all I want to thank you for your professionalism and recommendation. I was not sure what to buy, and you ensured me that this would fit my needs. It exceeds my needs. I really liked the fact that I could set up the DVR in my office and put motion on my camera in the lobby. That was an EXTRA BONUS. Whenever a patient walks in, I can here it. This helps me greatly when I am shorthanded. Thanks again. Dr. Bob (Internal Medicine Jefferson Hospital)
  • You guys did a great job with the BLACK KNIGHT Camera. Good choice with your exclusive camera. I know you mentioned that you tested and tested cameras before choosing this one. Well, your purchasing manager made a good choice. We are so happy that we could use you guys and save some money too, on a high end security system. Best of luck guys. Thanks again, Arnold - (Self Storage)
  • The most important part of a system is a DVR and you guys have that down. I like the interface and the fact that it is very easy to understand and set up. I was able to set up everything from motion detection to internet and cell phone viewing utilizing your tech support tab. I appreciate how specific the tech support tab is. All companies should have that.
  • I must tell you, the EXTREME Series 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder is far superior than any DVR I have used in the past. Being an installer I am so happy to offer my customers a solution with HDMI. With the way high definition TVs and digital technology is improving, I am happy to see a company that keeps up with the current trends. John Swansig, Installer NY
  • I am a 55 year women. I own a retail store. I just wanted to tell you how EASY it was to install your system. I completely did it myself. Anyone can install your systems. Thank you very much for your excellent products and service.
  • Thank you Steve for your help and professionalism in my system purchase. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me select the best system. Take care, Roger
  • All I can say is that the PRO SERIES G4 DVR is amazing. The 3 year warranty is excellent. Finally, a reliable DVR!
  • The CSP-750IR24 Infrared Bullet Camera works great in my movie theatre. I can make out everthing in darkness. It is amazing!
  • You guys have the best tech support! Just got off the phone with Jarmaine. He literally connected to my PC remotely and set up my entire internet viewing withing 10 minutes. Outstanding service!
  • I purchased your 8 channel PRO DVR and I am very very satisfied that my customer is very very satisfied. He has several locations and I am going to get him to switch them all out so I can set up the Central Monitoring. See ya soon.
  • I am thrilled with the high quality of the PRO SERIES DVR. I used the HDMI and it looked awesome on my TV. I also have it connected to my iPhone. See ya next time.
  • I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the 8 camera PRO Series System that I recently purchased. It makes me happy to know that when I am not there at the store, I have something reliable if I ever need to review it.
  • The EXTREME SERIES Digital Video Recorder is simply the BEST digital video recorder I have EVER used. I have purchased 6 of these so far and my customers are so happy. I have acquired more customers in the last 2 months then ever. We like the way I can highlight and zoom in on an object, as well as the HDMI Output. It truly does have 3x the resolution of and standalone DVR I have used. My clients love the ability to view it on the Blackberry and cells. Thank you. Placing another order this Tuesday. John Wear, Professional CCTV Installer
  • Your MONALISA CAMERAS are the best security cameras that I ever had in terms of quality. Also, when I connected my old cameras to your EXTREME DVR, they looked better than ever. I thought I had to replace all of my old cameras, but now after looking at it with the new DVR, I only need 3 more. No idea a quality DVR could make such a difference.
  • I have purchased cheap camera systems in the past from Costco, Sam's Club, Radio Shack. But the quality of the systems were horrible. I could not see anything, everything was blurry. Well, I decided to spend a few dollars more with you guys. You sounded like you knew what you were doing - and you did. You nailed it. THe PRO system with the infrared cameras are working excellent in my front and back of my home. The DVR is awesome and I have it plugged into my big TV.
  • I just wanted to thank Stephanie for everything. Erin, in support was very helpful coordinating with me. I work a crazy schedule and it was a pleasure doing business with a company that follows up and really cares. Thanks.
  • I want to thank your tech department for the great support. They were fast and it was obvious they had a perfect understanding of the equipment. They were able to help me connect to the internet in 10 minutes. Thank you Chad Carey, Discount Liquors, NJ
  • I cannot believe the quality I am getting on the $1299 PRO SERIES System. What a great price. what a great DVR. I will be back for more.
  • I am using your NIGHT GUARD Series to monitor my storage facility. The NIGHT Guard is the best IR Camera I have had and I am extremely pleased. Mark Desatnik,
  • I purchased your EASY SERIES 8 Camera Digital Video Recorder. I used it to replace my old 8 Camera DVR. There is no comparison. The best part was the price. It was less than $500 with the Hard Drive. Thanks Guys. Juan Perez
  • I promise you feedback and here it is - the PRO SERIES Clear View is exactly what it is called. I ordered the 8 Camera NIGHT GUARD SERIES to monitor the outside of my business. With 3 days, I was able to identify the individuals that were doing vandalism and stealing valuable merchandise.
  • The ENTERPRISE G4 Series is DEFINITELY the best Digital Video Recorder I have ever used with a client. This interface is beautiful and easy to use. Also, this customer had a MAC Computer and Blackberry - it is SO hard to find a good DVR that is compatible. This DVR is better that DVRs that I have paid over $3000 dollars for. I will be ordering many ENTERPRISE DVRs with my systems in the future. Jerry Simmons, Installer
  • We are very satified with your PRO SERIES 8 Camera System. We have used these in 3 of our Wendy's Restaurants. We are adding several new locations and plan on ordering several more of your PRO SERIES Systems withing the next several months. Thanks for the great products! Evan Williamson, Wendy's
  • This is the sixth DVR we have purchased from you. The EXTREME DVR is the best standalone DVR we have ever had. I am comparing it to a $4000 DVR by Dedicated Micros that I have used in the past. Your DVR is easier to set up, has better storage, and superior internet viewing Mike Anderson
  • Viewing my pizza restaurant with my iPhone works incredible. The video quality is perfectly clear and has helps me monitor my employees on a daily basis. I am now able to spend my time doing other things than constantly wondering how business is going. David Knopp - Napoli's Pizza
  • I really appreciate the way you guys worked with me and switched out some of the cameras for me. The cameras were not bad, I just wanted a different look on the 3 cameras inside my lobby. The vandal dome CSP-715H was exactly, what the doctor ordered. I just want to thank you for all your patience and suggestions. It is good to see a company that backs their products. Bill Davis, St. Mary's Hospital
  • I have tried so long to get these kids away from vandalizing my business. I am using your NIGHTGUARD CSP-310. I caught them on video one evening due to the excellent night vision capabilities. Thanks, Tom V.
  • As you promised the 8 Camera System (CSP-8PROLR) with the CSP-54S is incredible. I used these cameras in my storage facility. The Infrared Cameras had those adjustable lenses and I could focus in directly on the area I wanted to. I can't believe the night vision. It's perfectly clear. Bob J. Self Storage
  • I just want to thank you Steve for your help choosing my NIGHT GUARD EXTREME SERIES System. The clarity is perfect, and the Internet and iPhone Viewing definitely makes running my stores a whole lot easier. - Robert Bernstein
  • I purchased the EASY SERIES 8 Camera System. I am very happy with the quality as well as the price. I like the internet viewing and use it everyday to keep an eye on things. This was a very cost effective investment, and extremely easy to install. Sergio Gonzalez
  • I was a little concerned when I bought your PRO SERIES System due to the fact that I never installed security cameras. As you said, it truely was simple to set up and I was able to save a lot of money. You guys have great tech support as well. Thank you for your help. Sergio Gonzalez
  • I ordered the PRO SERIES CSP-8PROLR and I wanted to say that the DVR is by far better than my old one. Not only is the picture much clearer, the storage lasts 3 times as long as my old MPEG DVR. The DVD Burner is a huge plus as well. Great System. Warren Vitrina
  • Right now I am using my iPhone to view my business. Just wanted to tell you that the quality is amazing. My friend will probably call you to order a system as well. Robert Johnson C-Liquors
  • One of the best transactions ever. Delivery was super fast, sales reps were very helpful. Thank you. I highly recommend your company.
  • The CSP-310 NIGHT GUARD is the very best infrared camera I have ever used. We use this infrared camera for all my installations. The night vision is excellent and the adjustable lens provides the perfect angles and zoom shots. Lisa Berman, CCTV Installer
  • Steve, I promised you feedback on the CSP-060H EAGLE EYE Camera. It is incredible. I live off the interstate and I needed clear night vision. I also had an area far away that I needed to zoom in on. I was able to easily do it with the 8-40mm adjustable lens. I have ordered about 24 so far and I couldn't be more pleased.
  • I purchased the EXTREME SERIES Camera System and wanted to let you know that the picture quality is amazing. As you promised, it truely is the very best DVR in its class. I recommend this for anyone looking for a high end system. Chistian Thomas
  • I wanted to let you know that I have been significantly able to increase my employee productivity since I put in your EASY SERIES camera system. I log in to my system from home in the evenings and weekends to make sure everything is going well and to monitor customer traffic. Thank you for a great system. - Tom C (Burger King)
  • I purchased your PRO SERIES Infrared Camera System, the CSP-8PRO480IR and I just wanted to say how great it is working. The picture on both the monitor and my PC at home is really clear and the night vision works perfectly. John Simhoter, JS Convenience Store
  • In my situation, the vandlism happens at night so it is great to have quality infrared cameras finally. Thank you for the great service! The CSP-603IR is a great camera. I used to pay way more for that same type of camera. Thanks for the great prices!Bob Thomas
  • You were right. I was easily able to install the system myself. The DVR was simple to set up. I simply went through the menu with the remote, and easily set up my cameras within a few minutes. The motion detection is really effective and the hotel lobby is completely covered. - Timothy H.
  • I recently purchased a 16 camera system. I needed cameras that had night vision capabilities, and that were pretty versatile in terms of their viewing distance. The CSP-X540 EXTREME SERIEShad everything I needed. Tim Laferty
  • I had an old system that I got 5 years ago, but the clarity was so bad, especially the night vision. I could not make out anything or anyone, it was all fuzzy at night. I am so impressed by the clarity of your system. We have already video recorded the people at night and provided this to the proper authorities. Great Job! - Jan McNamara
  • I purchased your Pro Series System to keep an eye on my vacation home. It is great that I can go on the internet and see what is going on and who is on my property. Allen H.
  • We want to thank you for your help in choosing the Extreme DVR. I have had many Digital Video Recorders in the past, including PC based DVR's, and this DVR is better than all of them. Roger D. Cheveron
  • We just set up our Central Monitoring Station with the help of your technician, Kai. We are very happy. Now I only have to log on to one IP Addres which savess my time, and I can view all of my cameras from both facilities. Bob C. Comfort Inn
  • I am using the EXTREME DVR in my grocery convenience store and it is working great. I was very easy to replace my old MPEG DVR and I am happier in everyway. Purchase this DVR and you will be happy. Dave D. 7 Eleven
  • Your DVR has already helped me catch the employees that were taking money from the register. I expected they were and now I have it on video. Needless to say, they are no longer with the company. The system paid for itself already. - Joe V Baskin Robbins
  • I decided to buy your Extreme DVR and we knew right away we had purchased the right product. I've had it for 2 months so far, no problems! Referred you to several friends so expect a couple more customers. Very Pleased. - Josh H Doubletree Hotels
  • It was very easy to set up and use. My convenient store will really benefit from having such a nice system. We were able to set up up and view over the internet in just a half day. It was very easy. C. Patel
  • My house was being vandlized at night by a group of kids. I told the police but they wanted evidence. The next time it happened, I provided the police with a DVD of the video. That has been the very last time this has happened. Timothy Gabler
  • I live in a very dark area off the highway. There is basically no light at all. Steve, you recommended me the CSP-060H and it works great. Matter of fact I want to get another one of them. I had many issues not getting enough night vision with other cameras, but this one seems to have done the trick. Brad Petroff
  • I purchased several of your CSP-603B Bullets and 7 of your CSP-718H infrared dome cameras. Spectacular, blows my other cameras away. I guess things really have improved with cameras in the last 4 years. Brett Cummings
  • My family lives in a rough neighborhood, and we just purchased a new car. One week later it was completely vandalized. We knew we needed a reliable survaillance system. That is exactly what we achieved by purchasing a 4 camera system from the Security Pros. - Robert Hill
  • I purchased your GeoVision PC System approximately 3 months ago and I want you to know how impressed I am with the overall functionality of the system. The picture are so clear and the system was so easy to set up and use. I am using 8 of your Infrared Dome cameras that came in the package along with the GV-800 card. We couldn't be happier with the system. - Allen Chamberlain, Chamberlain Property Management
  • Wanted to say thank you for recommending the CSP-54S. The 540 lines of resolution and night vision is perfect . I have purchased about 12 so far and I will be placing another large order real soon. THanks - Rich R.
  • The CSP-IR603 is an excellent camera. I purchased your Complete Camera System with this camera and I am very happy with my purchase. The cameras are very good quality and I also view my system over the iPhone. This camera is an incredible camera for the price. Thomas Wright
  • I purchased one of your 4 camera PRO SERIES Systems. Wanted to let you know that the dome cameras for indoor were an excellent recommendation. The picture quality is excellent. The first week we already caught the employee that we thought was stealing from us. Just wanted to say thank you. I shall return. John J. (W Hotel)
  • I started out with your 8 camera PRO SERIES System with the 16 Channel DVR. I am very happy with the quality of your cameras and equipment. I added 4 more CSP-54S cameras to the system for outdoor surveillance, and once again I am impressed by the quality of your cameras. Bill F ( Bagels and More)
  • I am very satisfied with my purchase of the PRO SERIES System. I was impressed with your service from the beginning. Steve was very patient and helpful. He helped me select the cameras that were best for my situation. When I showed my installer the equipment that I purchased, he was very impressed. Actually, you will be receiving a call from him. His name is Joe and is interested in using you guys for his supplier, as he is unhappy with his present supplier. Stan F. ( JS and Associates)
  • I purchased your top selling 8 camera system (PRO SERIES) with the infrared cameras. What a great experience overall. The Digital Video Recorder and cameras were very easy to install, matter of fact, my son and friend were able to do the entire install. We are now considering replacing our digital video recorders from our other locations to upgrade to the H.264 DVR’s. So much more storage! Thanks for the great service. (Aaron S. CK Liquors)
  • When I first received the system I had difficulty setting up my remote viewing on my cell phone. This is where it gets good. Your representative Kai was able to quickly walk me through. I am very impressed with the equipment and service that you offer. (Carl S. Carl’s Nursery)
  • Your DVR with the EXTREME Series is the very best. We purchased a DVR years ago from a company called Dedicated Micros It was a $4000 dollar investment. Your $1300 DVR blew it away! It was easy to set up, has plenty of video storage space, and the email notification on motion is very helpful. I have recommended this to my business colleagues and I will be replacing another 10 DVRs with the EXTREME Series. I will use the Central Monitoring to monitor all of my locations on one screen as you mentioned to me. Speak to you soon. Jim Z (City Furniture)
  • I wanted to compliment you on your system. I was so impressed in particular with the audio. I used your 13 dollar microphones outside and was able to hear everything really really well. Exceeds my expections. - John W. Loyal Customer
  • I recently purchase a GeoVision 8 Camera System with the Infrared Dome Cameras. I was astonished by the Video Quality. It was so simple and easy to set up. I have owned many DVRs but this is by far the Best. When I am not monitoring I use your PC for my other tasks and simply minimize the Surveillance Screen. Super System Guys!- Thomas E (7 Eleven)
  • The EXTREME Series DVR is hands down the best DVR we ever had. Super Quality Bill C. C Manufacturing
  • I want to thank you guys for helping me select the H.264 DVR Series. It was very easy for me to install (it was my first install), I was impressed with how easy it was to set up the DVR to record, and motion detection. Your equipment works great! Tom G.
  • Andrew, thank you for your help configuring the DVR System. The infrared cameras were clearer than any of them I've previously used. Also the domes for inside my location look and see great. I'll see you next time. Robert C.
  • You were right. The 250gb Hard Drive was plenty of storage. The new compression goes a long way. The cameras work great. It already worked for me. I caught the people on video what were stealing my inventory. Thanks for the great equipment and service. Terry H.
  • I called several security camera companies before you. They all offered different system. The reason I ordered from you is because of the help you offered me. You were very patient and knowledgable and confident about your products. Thank you so much for your help. I will be back to do my second location shortly. Thanks guys! Steven S.
  • Just wanted to say great system. Love the 16 Channel DVR and Power Supply Upgrades. Great Price for Great System. Amit G.
  • I must say, I wasn't sure I could install this system by myself, but when ADT gave me a quote for 8 thousand dollars for the same identical system, I thought I would listen to you guys and try. Want to say it was SIMPLE. Like you said the only thing I had to do was run the wires and connect it. The menu was simple to use to set up my motion detection, email notifications, object masking, etc. I had to call tech support for one question regarding internet viewing, and they had me up in a flash! Already found something that should not have been going on in my business. Thanks guys, I'll be back. Kevin W.
  • We want to thank you for your help in choosing the Extreme DVR. I have had many Digital Video Recorders in the past, including PC based DVR's, and this DVR is better than all of them. We will be adding another DVR next month and we will be back. Thanks Roger D, Cheveron
  • We just set up our Central Monitoring Station with the help of your technician, Kai. We are very happy. Now I only have to log on to one IP Address, and I can view all of my cameras from both facilities. Bob C. Hampton Inn
  • I am using the EXTREME DVR in my grocery convenience store and it is working great. I was very easy to replace my old MPEG DVR and I am happier in everyway. Even my old cameras look better on your new DVR. Dave D. 7 Eleven
  • Your DVR has already helped me catch the employees that were taking money from the register. I expected they were and now I have it on video. Needless to say, they are no longer with the company. The system paid for itself already. Joe V Baskin Robbins
  • I was having so many problems with my old DVR. It would lock up on me, the resolution was extremely bad. The company had me do all these firmware upgrades but that did not help. I decided to buy your Extreme DVR and we knew right away we had purchased the right product. I've had it for 2 months so far, no problems! Referred you to several friends so expect a couple more customers. Very Please. Josh H Doubletree Hotels
  • My original DVR that I purchased a few years ago got the job done, but it was extremely hard to use. Not only do my cameras look better with the Pro Series DVR, but it is extremely user friendly. -Mark
  • I bought a security system recently because I needed to be able to watch my cameras when I was not home due to business trips. I am very pleased with the remote viewing functionality of the Extreme Series DVR that I got from you. Thanks again. -Doug
  • I just bought the CSP-8PROLR and I absolutely love the overall quality. The cameras are great because you can adjust them manually, which gives you a little more wiggle room with capturing certain angles. In addition, the DVR surpassed my expectations due to the tremendous clarity of the video when I play it back. –Mike
  • I recently bought the CSP-Extreme16DVR and I am loving the upgrade. It not only gives me audio inputs for every one of my cameras, which is so important in my field of work, but it has HDMI! It was almost impossible to find a DVR that an HDMI port on it. –Christine Pepe
  • The CSP-8PROP has to be one of your best systems that you offer. I am an installer in Michigan, and my sales have increased after starting to sell your products to my own customers. They think the Pro DVR is so easy to use while also giving you the highest quality DVR that I have come across. Thanks guys. –Josh
  • My father has the Pro DVR for his house and I have the Extreme DVR at my office and both perform superbly. The Pro DVR has the best functionality and video quality that my dad needed for his home security needs, and the Extreme gives me a few extra features that I needed such as the DVD burner, audio inputs for each channel. –Mitch Hightower
  • If you are in an industry where you prosecution is a real possibility, I would hands down go with the Extreme DVR. Not only does the DVR give the BEST resolution from your cameras that I have seen in the past 10 or so years, but it also is easy to retrieve the recorded video from the DVR so that you can pass it along to the necessary authorities. You honestly get what you pay for with this unit! Thanks again. -Kristin
  • The CSP-MLS8DIR has really helped me feel more comfortable with leaving to go on business trips and having my family stay behind. Now I know that we are protected not only by our alarm system, but we have surveillance for our property. The cameras have such a great resolution quality in this package and they look very nice too for home use. Most importantly, since the DVR is the backbone of every system, is important to know that the Extreme DVR can handle all of your needs since the unit is so feature rich. –John Gwaltney
  • My previous DVR was bought from Costco and I was horrified by my decision to purchase their surveillance equipment. Everything either broke or was of the poorest quality, that’s when I knew it was time to upgrade to a DVR that could handle my wants and needs. The Pro DVR is so cool because it doesn't take forever to learn how to use it, and the remote viewing platform is so much easier to log into and work the cameras. -Chris
  • I bought your CSP-4XP in the beginning of the year and it already has paid for itself. My store was recently broken into while we were closed and this system did exactly what I needed for it to do…capture quality video of anyone who attempted to break into my store when we aren’t there. The authorities were easily able to identify the suspect in the video and we prevented a major disaster with our business. Thanks a ton! -Joey
  • I didn’t realize I had a real need for a security camera system until a friend of mine showed me how he can check on their winter home miles away. Now I have piece of mine that my real estate investment is being taken care of while I’m away. Carl, W. Palm Beach, FL
  • I’m a senior citizen that is thrilled with CCTVSecurityPros.com!! With the help Sherri in your tech support, I was able to install my new system. Now I have peace of mind when it comes to security as well as pride for a job well-done. Thank you Sherri! Myrna, Sarasota, FL
  • After 5 years with ADT as an installer, I can confidently say that your products and pricing are the best in the business!! The Pro Series Model # CSP-4PROLR was a dream to install and gave many of my customers exactly the right amount of coverage. The products are the latest technology and the hassle-free warrantymakes sure that I can give my customers the best service and price too. Carl, Seattle, WA
  • When our family moved into our new home, I called ADT for a quote. Then I went to CCTVSecurityPros.com and purchased and installed a comparable system for 1/3 of the price!! The MonaLisa (Model CSP-MLS8Combo) gave me both indoor and outdoor options at an extremely good value. Now I have peace of mind and money in my wallet for other expenses. Nick, Atlanta, GA
  • Your product selection is really terrific! I love the EXTREME system I bought because it has all the bells and whistles I wanted (and some that I didn’t know I wanted). Thanks for helping me decide on the system that works for us! Susan, Phoenix, AZ
  • This spring, I installed a NightGuard Series System (Model CSP-X8Night) for a local Club. They called to let me know how great the system is to monitor during the late hours – giving the owners piece of mind and also some extra sleeping time! Thanks CCTVSecurityPros for making me look so good! Allen, Santa Monica, CA
  • At our day care center, it is very important to monitor all that happens in the classrooms and outside too. Thanks to your helpful staff, my husband and some friends installed the Enforcer (Model CSP-Enforcer16) over the weekend and now we can truly see all that happens in the center. Even when I’m busy, I feel good knowing that I can view the recordings later on – especially if something happens. What a great system! Amber, Worcester, MA
  • I was recently assisted by one of your team members by the name of Jay (X801) who went out of his way to provide me know the information I needed to make an educated decision towards my purchase. You can sell high end products but if you don't have the support of folks like Jay on your team, you cannot succeed in this current economic climate. Raul
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Best Equipment Available - 5 Star Customer Satisfaction

  • Great customer service. Answered questions fast before the purchase. Have bought from them in the past and will be my first stop every time.

    - Written on August 16, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • This is my second time using them. They are very professional, they offer a quality product, and their tech support is first class!!! I'm a residential contractor and I don't have time for less than high quality products and support.

    - Written on August 20, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • 4 Years after we purchase our system we had problems with iPad viewing due to Router change and IP changes, I contacted CCTV Pros via the support page, within a few minutes I received a call and the problem was fixed. You cannot get any better service that that. Thank You!

    - Written on August 20, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • Just installed my system the day it arrived, it was so easy, didn't even need to ask my grandson for help. JC, Newport Beach, CA

    - Written on July 17, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • Second time shopping with them and both times it was a pleasure, good products, great service and excellent value for the price. Will recommend to anyone who needs CCTV gear.

    - Written on June 27, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • Spoke to salesman Tim at 812. Needed to get a recorded event to the police. He showed me a way of using my DVR and software that saved my company a lot of money, again. So thankful... not to mention the piece of mind.

    - Written on June 10, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • We have placed several order through CCTV and all of them have gone through seamlessly. I would recommend them to anyone.

    - Written on April 20, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • Have received orders super quickly, in one to two days. When I called tech support, they got right back to me and had the answers I needed . Will do business with them again. I plan to buy 4 more DVRs and power supplies, and it will definitely be from them.

    - Written on May 28, 2016
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  • I spoke with a representative of CCTV Security Pros before making my purchase. His professionalism was the reason I made my purchase from them.

    - Written on March 17, 2016
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    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store

  • So far I have only needed to ask one question from tech support. Sent a request and got a response within 5 mins.

    - Written on May 5, 2016
    Star Rating for Our CCTV
    Star Rating from Google Trusted Store