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Test Product 2 Camera-2

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Test Product 2 Camera-2

CCTVSecurityPros "PRO SERIES" High Definition Digital Video Recorder offers all the latest and greatest features and functionalities available on the market today at an exceptional price. Our "PRO SERIES" DVR comes with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Input) which allows you to take advantage of true high resolution video quality.  View your cameras over the Internet and Cell Phone with our DVR's.  The "PRO SERIES" DVR comes with Free Lifetime Software Upgrades and an Unmatched 3 Year Warranty.  The "PRO SERIES" High Definition Digital Video Recorder, is appropriate for a wide variety of high-end, professional business and home applications. 


H.264 VIDEO COMPRESSION saves Up to 3x MORE Video Storage than the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs used in the recent past. What that means to you is longer video storage capacity, enabling you to review video from prior days or months. H.264 Technology also provides you with better video quality live and over the internet.

NEW HDMI (HIGH DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE)  provides you with LIVE High Definition, Stunning Video Clarity  HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and VGA outputs support resolutions as high as 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720, and 1024 x 768 for live viewing - just an incredibly clear view. Matter of fact, if replacing older model DVRs, our HDMI "PRO SERIES" DVR will make your current cameras look even better in terms of clarity live, over the internet, and cell phone. 

REAL TIME 30 FRAMES PER SECOND (no jumpiness or jerkiness that you may have experienced with the Digital Video Recorders of the past). You may record 24/7, on a Schedule, or on Motion Detection.  Record TV Quality Video at 30 frames per second per camera.  

AUDIO RECORDING - You may record AUDIO on up to 4 Cameras with our "PRO SERIES" DVR.  Record any of our cameras by adding one of our microphones (optional).

LIVE REMOTE INTERNET AND CELL PHONE VIEWING - allows you to Watch, Review, and even control your DVR Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace.  Review and control your system on Internet Explorer, MAC, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and MANY MORE.  Remote Viewing is FREE.  Simply connect your DVR to your high speed internet connection with a standard ethernet cable.

FREE LIFETIME SOFTWARE UPGRADES - prevents your DVR from becoming obsolete as New Technology evolves.  When we add more features, you can easily add them to your DVR.

MULTIPLE SCREEN DISPLAYS - View 1 camera, 4 Cameras, 8 Cameras, 16 Cameras, or up 32 Cameras at a time. In addition, there are many more flexible screen display options (layouts) to view your cameras on the monitor. For example, you may make one camera larger than some of the other cameras on the display screen.

MOTION, 24/7, or SCHEDULED RECORDING - You can save time and hard drive space by recording on motion. Record on Motion, 24/7, or on a Schedule. In addition, you may program your DVR to send you an EMAIL NOTIFICATION UPON MOTION

SAVE VIDEO TO USB OR PC – All of our systems offer multiple recording options in order to save and archive video. Use a USB Memory Stick or your PC to back up video. Send your video direct to authorities as an email attachment. All of our DVRs come with a hard drive that allows you to store up to 1 month of 24/7 recorded video

DIGITAL ZOOM FEATURE - our DVRs offer a Digital Zoom feature allowing you to digitally zoom in on a particular area or object. This helps you capture a closer view for recognition purposes.

CENTRAL MONITORING STATION - If you have several businesses or homes, you may want to utilize this feature. CMS enables you to monitor all of your locations on one screen display, with one “login” or IP address. Monitor up to 64 Cameras at a time.

EASY CONTROL AND SETUP - configure your settings at the DVR or remotely over the Internet. Each DVR comes with an IR Remote Control and Mouse. The Internet compatible graphical user interface allows you to set up and control your settings at your DVR location or on ANY of your PC’s on your LOCAL Network or Internet. Set up your motion detection, email alerts, administrative options, and more, live or over the internet. 

 If you need any help, we are a call away. Our technical representatives work with our products EXCLUSIVELY, and can easily help you with any issue you may have.



  • Internet Explorer
  • Macintosh (MAC)
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • 3G
  • WindowsCE
  • And more!

"PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorder Features: 

  • High Quality, High Definition "Identifiable" Digital Recording and Playback
  • Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
  • Time and Date Stamped Video for Evidence
  • Multiple Screen Display Options
  • Use Up to 3 Monitors: HDMI, TV, PC (VGA)
  • Up to 4 Channels of Synchronized Audio Recording
  • Ability to choose 24/7, Sophisticated Motion Recording, or Scheduled Recording, or Combinations
  • Live Internet Remote Viewing and REVIEW via Internet Explorer, MAC, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and More
  • Networking to all PCs on Local Area Network (if desired)
  • EMAIL with Video Snapshot Upon Motion or Alert
  • CMS (CENTRAL MONITORING STATION) to View Multiple Cameras from Multiple DVR Locations with only 1 IP Address
  • Sharp and Vivid Video - Up-Convert Existing Cameras Digital Resolution
  • Remote Control and Mouse

Additional "PRO SERIES" High Definition HDMI Digital Video Recorder Details: 

Easy Setup: The HD "PRO SERIES" High Definition HDMI Digital Video Recorder comes with a Remote Control and Mouse which allows the "first timer" to go through and easily set up your camera settings on the DVR. The clear and intelligent menu gives you the ability to customize your display and recording settings on a camera by camera basis. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, of each camera individually. 

"The Hard Drive that is included stores over 1 month of video on 24/7 continuous recording, and months of video storage if recording on motion detection."

Storing and Saving Surveillance Video: The "PRO SERIES" High Definition HDMI Digital Video Recorder is furnished with a built-in and pre-installed Hard Drive. Video can be stored for about 1 month on 24/7 recording, and up to several months if recording on the motion detection function. All stored video is both time and date stamped. Each camera can be individually customized. For example, you may want to record on motion on camera #1, 24/7 on camera #2, or combination. Each camera can be independently addressed. Due to the new H.264 Compression Technology, this DVR will provide up to 3x MORE STORAGE THAN THE OLDER MPEG or JPEG DVR's - with better video and performance quality. 

Motion Detection Recording and Alerts: Sophisticated Motion Detection is one of the most effective and commonly used features. You may set the PRO SERIES Digital Video Recorder to record on Motion, Schedule, or 24/7 recording. In addition, the Object Masking function will allow you to block out moving objects or areas that may cause continuous motion, such as a blowing tree. You may also adjust the Motion Sensitivity settings to vary the distance or "sensitivity" of the motion detection. As an added feature, you can program the DVR send you an automatic Email and Phone alerts with video upon Motion. For example if Motion is detected on Camera #3, the DVR will automatically send you a notification to the email or phone that you provide. This will alert you that an event is being recorded. (For Example: "Motion on Camera 3 at 6:04am". 

Reviewing Recorded Surveillance Video: The nice thing about the "PRO SERIES" High Definition HDMI Digital Video Recorder is the ease of retrieving and reviewing prior surveillance video. Each video is time and date stamped, so using the mouse or remote, you simply click on the month, day of the week, and the time you desire and you may playback and review recorded video. The Motion Detection option also makes the reviewing process simple and easy for you. Cameras that trigger the motion are stored as a series of events. You can simply click onto each event for fast video review. Think how much time that will save you! 

Copying and Providing Video Surveillance Evidence: The video can be played on any Windows Based PC. The "PRO SERIES" High Definition HDMI Digital Video Recorder comes with a a USB Port. Video can be stored on a Flash Drive "Memory Stick", or you can email it directly to an email address as an AVI file attachment. To view and review evidence you can simply log in with your user name and password, and retreive it live, take screen shots, or simply archive the video on a Windows Based PC. 

What is Needed to View Online: You do NOT need a PC at Digital Video Recorders Location - just high speed internet. The "PRO SERIES" High Definition HDMI Digital Video Recorder plugs directly into your high speed internet connection (modem or router) with an ethernet cable, just like you would with a PC. A High Speed Internet Service Provider and our Digital Video Recorder is what you need to view your cameras from any high speed internet connection or cell phone (no additional monthly fees). You will Login with your User ID and a Password to your own (Dynamic IP) Address (instructions included). All video is conveniently time, date, and address stamped. Video is also digitally watermarked in order to prevent video evidence tampering. 


Product Features: 

  • High Definition HDMI Output
  • H.264 WITH Multi-Channel Simultaneous Playback
  • E-Map Function Support
  • Pentaplex
  • Real Time Recording/Playback
  • USB Drive Support
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Up to 1 Terabyte Internal Storage
  • Substream Capable
  • Mobile View
  • Synced Audio Recording/Playback
  • Intuitive GUI
  • CMS Central Monitoring Station for Mult-locations

Product Specifications: 

  • Video Inputs 4 Channel, 8 Channel, and 16 Channel models available, BNC 1.0Vp-p, 75A unbalanced
  • Outputs: HDMI, 1 Channel TV Output, BNC, VGA, Composite (Use Multiple TV's or Monitors simultaneously
  • Compression G.711
  • Compression H.264
  • Resolution NTSC: 704 x 480 (4CIF) - Resolution NTSC: 352 x 240(CIF) - NTSC: 176 x 120(QCIF)
  • Video or Video/Audio Synced
  • Rate 32kbps ~ 2Mbps (user-defined), variable
  • Frame Rate: 120 frames/sec: 240 frames/sec: 480 frames/sec
  • Quality Highest, Higher, High, Average, Low, Lower, Lowest
  • Schedule Mode, Motion, Alarm, Motion or Alarm, Motion & Alarm, Command Trigger Recording
  • Modes - 4 Channel Playback Simultaneously, Pause, Rewind, Fast Play, Slow Play, Next file, Previous file, Next camera, Previous camera, Full screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Backup selection
  • Motion Detect Zones: 396 (22*18 detection zones: 1~6 (6 being Highest) Recording, PTZ movement, Tour, Alarm
  • Object Masking - Yes
  • Digital Watermark for Tampering - Yes
  • Internet Explorer, MAC, and Client Software
  • 4, 8, 16 Alarm Inputs / 2-4 Relay Output
  • USB / Network
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Control
  • Interface 1 SATA port, 1 HDD supported
  • VGA Interface 1, Support 800×600/60Hz, 800×600/75Hz, 1024×768/60Hz


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  • Spoke to salesman Tim at 812. Needed to get a recorded event to the police. He showed me a way of using my DVR and software that saved my company a lot of money, again. So thankful... not to mention the piece of mind.

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  • I spoke with a representative of CCTV Security Pros before making my purchase. His professionalism was the reason I made my purchase from them.

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