Why Buy a CCTVSecurityPros DVR?

Why Buy a CCTVSecurityPros DVR?

Why Buy a CCTVSecurityPros Digital Video Recorder?

The Digital Video Recorder is the “backbone” of a quality Security Camera System. The DVR is what will record, store, transmit, and playback your video evidence. ALL DVRs are NOT created Equal! CCTVSecurityPros “Exclusive” DVRs are recognized throughout the industry as one of the very best. They offer High Definition HDMI up to 1080p, Full D1 Recording at 30 Frames per Second per Camera, Internet and Cell Phone Viewing, and much, much, more. Buying a DVR and a Security Camera System is an important decision that will provide you with protection, comfort, and “peace of mind” for many years. Purchase a CCTVSecurityPros DVR and SEE why our DVRs are recognized as being among the very best in the industry in terms of clarity and performance.

High Definition Full D1 Recording and Playback

This Professional DVR offers the highest frame per second recording rate at FULL D1 – TV Quality Surveillance Video. There are no time lapses or video delays like inferior DVRs. Our DVR offers True HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Inputs). When it comes to a Digital Video Recorder, GET A GOOD ONE – QUALITY MATTERS!

24 Hour Surveillance Recording

Record your surveillance video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have the ability to go back to any of your security cameras for high-resolution video evidence. After all, that is the first thing authorities ask for. Remember, it is not a crime unless you can prove it!

Live Internet, Cell Phone, & Tablet Viewing

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace simply login to your designated web address, sign in with your user name and password, and view your camera system from anywhere in the world. You can even review video and administer your DVR from a remote location.

Motion Detection and Alerts with Video Snapshots

You can program the DVR to record 24/7 or upon motion – for example, a person walking with trigger the recording. This enables you to quickly and efficiently review important video. In addition, the DVR can send you EMAIL alerts upon motion to you, along with a video snapshot. It’s like having a watchdog on duty 24 hours a day.

Easy Retrieval of Time and Date Stamped Video

This DVR offers easy retrieval and saving of your surveillance video. You can save to a USB, a DVD (optional), or by attaching a file to an email. This gives you several easy ways to provide video to authorities or save video for future use such as video evidence of a burglary or theft or employee training and performance. All video addressed, time and date stamped, and digitally watermarked to prevent tampering.

H.264 Compression Technology

H.264 Compression is the latest and greatest storage compression technology. Most new DVRs use this type of compression over the older MPEG and JPEG DVRs , since video storage capacity was a shortcoming. H.264 Compression solves that issue. It offers 3 times more video storage on the same hard drive compared the older MPEG and JPEG compression technology. H.264 is here to stay and be sure to keep up with this new technology for top system performance.

Multiple Hard Drive Storage Capacity

Our DVRs come with multiple DVR hard drive slots, so you can always add storage to your camera system. Our DVRs use a standard SATA hard drive and they are simple and easy to install. We pre-install your hard drive upon shipping your unit, but you can always add storage if your system grows or if your needs change.

Three-Year Warranty

When you sell quality, you can back up quality. We offer a 3 Year on all of our Standalone DVR. We are KNOWN for our DVRs. CCTVSecurityPros “Exclusive” PRO and EXTREME Series DVRs are widely used by large corporations, government, small and large businesses, and homes.

Easy Set Up with Guides, Videos, and USA Free Technical Support

Customers love our DVR since it is simple to set up – EVEN FOR A NOVICE. Simply run one cable from the back of the DVR to each camera, plug the DVR into a TV or monitor, plug the included Ethernet Cable into your modem or router, if you wish to view over the Internet. We provide more than just a manual. We provide “Quick Start” Guides with each DVR to get you up and running quickly. We offer Manuals, Guides, Diagrams, and Videos in the Tech Support which is located on the top tabs on our website. You can find any manual you need for our DVRs online.

We offer set up support for our DVRs during our normal business hours. Our tech’s are SECOND TO NONE in the Industry. They are highly trained, friendly, and professional. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call. They can even “dial into” your computer and set up the DVR if you wish.

Do to high demand for our camera systems, we ALWAYS keep our DVRs in stock. You may order online or simply call us at (888) 653-2288 during our normal business hours. If you are looking for the very best, “Go with the Pros!”.

Order CCTVSecurityPros “PRO” or “EXTREME” Series Digital Video Recorders and Receive Free Shipping, a Satisfaction Guarantee, and Free Technical Support.

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We are extremely proud that for over the last 10 years CCTVSecurityPros has helped over 50,000 customers and business owners. achieve their goals of reducing shrinkage and theft, leading to higher profitablity. We understand that "Loss Hurts" and that you are looking for a quality, reliable solution. We offer the highest quality cameras and systems. There are other companies out there, but VERY FEW that manufacture with high quality components. When you order from CCTVSecurityPros you can be assured that you will receive brand new, high quality, easy to use, cost effective surveillance products.

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We back all our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and an Unmatched Minimum Two Year Full Warranty. Our items are ALWAYS in-stock and offer direct shipping to you daily Monday thru Friday.

Feel free to Call Us Monday to Friday at (888) 653-2288.

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  • This is my second time using them. They are very professional, they offer a quality product, and their tech support is first class!!! I'm a residential contractor and I don't have time for less than high quality products and support.

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  • 4 Years after we purchase our system we had problems with iPad viewing due to Router change and IP changes, I contacted CCTV Pros via the support page, within a few minutes I received a call and the problem was fixed. You cannot get any better service that that. Thank You!

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  • Just installed my system the day it arrived, it was so easy, didn't even need to ask my grandson for help. JC, Newport Beach, CA

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  • Spoke to salesman Tim at 812. Needed to get a recorded event to the police. He showed me a way of using my DVR and software that saved my company a lot of money, again. So thankful... not to mention the piece of mind.

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  • We have placed several order through CCTV and all of them have gone through seamlessly. I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • Have received orders super quickly, in one to two days. When I called tech support, they got right back to me and had the answers I needed . Will do business with them again. I plan to buy 4 more DVRs and power supplies, and it will definitely be from them.

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  • I spoke with a representative of CCTV Security Pros before making my purchase. His professionalism was the reason I made my purchase from them.

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  • So far I have only needed to ask one question from tech support. Sent a request and got a response within 5 mins.

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