(260 FEET IN TOTAL DARKNESS!) 24 Camera "PRO SERIES" 1080p EAGLE EYE SUPER LONG RANGE HIGH DEFINITION Infrared Bullet Long Range Security Camera System with 5-50mm Lens (Over 260 Feet in Total Darkness) (260 FEET IN TOTAL DARKNESS!) (SUPER LONG RANGE

Model No: CSP-24XTRHD2240
(260 FEET IN TOTAL DARKNESS!) 24 Camera "PRO SERIES" 1080p EAGLE EYE SUPER LONG RANGE HIGH DEFINITION Infrared Bullet Long Range Security Camera System with 5-50mm Lens (Over 260 Feet in Total Darkness) (260 FEET IN TOTAL DARKNESS!) (SUPER LONG RANGE
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This Complete System comes with our "EXTREME SERIES" HD Digital Video Recorder.  The "EXTREME SERIES" DVR has a variety of features for professional surveillance recording.  The "EXTREME SERIES" DVR supports 1080p Definition Recording.   This Digital Video Recorder has long Video Storage of up to 48 Terabyte Capacity.  You can Record Real Time 30 Frames per second per channel (1080p TV Quality).   You can decide to Record 24/7 or on Motion Detection.  Easily retrieve your video by a Quick Search of time and date.  View your HD Cameras over the Internet, Cell phone, and Tablets Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace. 

This Complete Security Camera Systems includes our "EAGLE EYE" Infrared Bullet SUPER LONG RANGE 1080p Cameras. These cameras delivers 1080p definition video clarity during the day and provides night vision of up to 260 Feet in Complete Darkness. In addition, these cameras have an adjustable 5mm-50mm LONE RANGE Vari-focal lens so you can determine the best angle and zoom on each camera. If you are trying to focus in on an area or object that is further away then these cameras are an excellent choice. These cameras can be used to monitor perimeters, gates and entrances, and other pertinent areas. You can mount these cameras on a ceiling, overhang, or wall. 

Each system is simple and easy to set up. It comes with a Product Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Free Product Technical Support through our Toll Free number Monday to Friday. This system comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2 Year Warranty. Finally, it comes with surveillance sign and surveillance stickers to use where you wish as a deterrent for theft and intruders. If you are looking for Top HD Video Quality at an unbeatable price look no further than our PRO Series HD Systems!

This Complete HD Security Camera System includes: 

  • 32 Channel "EXTREME SERIES" High Definition Digital Video Recorder with 
  • Free Internet and Cell Phone Viewing App
  • 24 Infrared "EAGLE EYE" High Definition 1080p HD Security Cameras with 260 Foot Night Vision.
  • 24 Camera POE Switch 
  • Spool of RG-59 Video/Power Combination Cables with all Connections Needed or 100 Foot Cables per Camera (Run Each Camera Up to 1500 Feet Away)
  • Multiple Output Power Supply
  • High Definition LCD Monitor is INCLUDED
  • DVD Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • Video Surveillance Stickers and Aluminum Sign


Digital Video Recorder included: 

Our EXTREME Series Digital Video Recorder enables you to monitor, record, and view your security cameras over the Internet, Cell, and Smartphones. This DVR offers recording up to 1080p. It comes with 8 Hard Drive slots for up to 48TB storage capacity. This Digital Video Recorder has an easy to use interface which enables you to program cameras with features such as motion, 24/7 recording, easy retrieval by time date and stamp, and much more. The PRO SERIES DVR has both VGA and HDMI Video Outputs.  

View your live cameras ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and ANYPLACE on your Phones, Tablets, and other Internet Enabled Devices. 

  • 1080p Live and Recorded
  • Up to 4 Channels of Audio
  • Supports up to 1080p Cameras
  • Internet, Cell, Smart Phone Viewing
  • 2 Hard Drive Slots 12TB Capacity
  • 24/7, Motion, Scheduled Recording
  • Motion App Push Alerts
  • Digital Zoom Capability
  • VGA and HDMI Monitor Inputs
  • Easy Retrieval by Time and Date
  • Download Video Conveniently to USB
  • No Monthly Fees ($0) Internet Viewing


HD Infrared Security Cameras included:

Our Super Long Range "EAGLE EYE" enables you to see up to 260 Foot in Complete Darkness! They 2MP 1080p "EAGLE EYE" Security Camera is provides super high definition viewing and recording. The Infrared Illuminators enable these cameras to see up to 260 FOOT IN COMPLETE DARKNESS! The "EAGLE EYE" has a 5mm to 50mm lens to enable you to get "up and personal" with people and objects that are very far away. Set up your "EAGLE EYE" Security Camera to the perfect angle and zoom to meet your application. 

  • 2MP 1080p LONG RANGE Infrared Bullet HD Camera
  • Up to 260 Foot Infrared Night Vision
  • Adjustable Zoom Lens - 5mm-50mm
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Weather Proof


Cables included: 

HD Cameras are installed easily with Combo Power/Video Cables in ONE. Our HD systems offer Plug and Play Installation. All cables and connections are included with this system. You may run each camera up to 1500 Foot, making them appropriate for virtually any application.

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