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What is an IP Camera?

Dec 16th 2019

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera gets power and sends its video feed over a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable, the same as computers use to connect to the internet. They’re exceptional ca … read more

Understanding the Different Security Camera Wire Types

Dec 9th 2019

Installing a security camera system costs an average of $1,333, with wired solutions costing approximately $150 - $200 per camera and wireless solutions costing around $100, according to Home Ad … read more

The Risks of Buying Security Cameras on Amazon

Nov 11th 2019

Investing in a security camera for your property is a great idea, but quality is a critical factor. While buying security cameras on Amazon can be an attractive option for consumer-grade cam … read more

How to Catch & Prevent Theft by Employees

Nov 4th 2019

Businesses nationwide lose billions of dollars every year to employee theft, which accounts for almost 44% of theft loses at stores. Unfortunately, the number of theft cases is rising. In fact, … read more

Security Camera NVRs vs DVRs

Oct 16th 2019

When shopping for a security system for your business or property, you’ll have to compare these two options: NVR vs DVR recorders. Comparing both network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video … read more
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