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Saving Money On Security Camera Installation Services With DIY Installation

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Apr 2, 2019

CCTV security cameras If you own a business or have other important property to protect, a professional-grade security camera system is not negotiable. But you do have options when it comes to installation and customizing a system to meet your security needs. However, the initial cost of a security camera installation service can be high.

The average business will pay approximately $1,200 for installation while the average homeowner pays approximately $900 for installation. In these cases, they’ll both have to pay a monthly monitoring cost of $14.99 to $60.99 depending on the company and features needed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can opt for DIY security camera installation.

Where Does the Cost Come From?

Many of these companies will charge a premium for the labor of installing complicated systems, then a monthly fee to stream your own surveillance video. That means ongoing costs for your business when you’re looking to minimize business expenses.

The Better Alternative

Order a complete DIY security camera system from a company like CCTV Security Pros. Take advantage of their simple plug & play equipment, as well as unlimited remote support by USA-based experts to install the system yourself. The cost of security camera installation will be a few hours of your time.

With a company like CCTV Security Pros, you’ll pay absolutely no monthly fees to view live or recorded video remotely on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Match your device with a QR code on the recorder to be up and running in minutes. Our DIY security camera installation process is designed to be straightforward and can be done with little to no experience.

saving money on security camera installation services

You Get to Choose the Components You Need

With a DIY security system, you get to choose what components you want to include in your security system. For instance, if you’re installing new security cameras for your small business, you don’t necessarily have to start with a complete system. You can choose to have one security camera for monitoring activities going on inside your store and one outside. This setup is easy and can be monitored via remote viewing on your smartphone.

With DIY security camera installation, you can choose the number of security cameras you want, the type of system you want, the features you need, and even do upgrades and downgrades as you wish without having to worry about the complexities of having to go through a surveillance company to have specific security camera system components installed or removed. This freedom of choice means you don’t have to start planning about the cost of security camera installation.

Zero Installation and Monthly Monitoring Costs

When you opt for a DIY security camera system, you could save thousands of dollars in security camera installation services and monitoring fees. With standard installation costs so high, there is a lot to gain from DIY security camera installation. Security systems now come with all accessories you need to complete installation, including security cameras, cables and connectors, power supplies, brackets and housings, surveillance signs, and quick-start installation guides that offer step-by-step instructions on what to do.

CCTV Security Pros offers complete systems that can be easily viewed remotely from a PC, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere and at any time at no ongoing cost. With zero cost of security camera installation and no monthly monitoring fees, you can enjoy superior security surveillance with great self-monitoring options, ensuring your peace of mind. CCTV Security Pros makes remote viewing on phones easy with a simple-to-scan QR code on your NVR.

You Have Full Control Over the Surveillance System

By choosing the DIY security camera installation option, you can decide how simple or complex you want your surveillance system to be. You can also add more security cameras as your business or home security needs grow. This means you have full control over your surveillance system and can get new additions up and running quickly and easily, all on your own schedule.

Having a hands-on installation experience with the help of professional remote-based support also helps you gain knowledge on how every component works and how best to tweak the DIY security camera system to fit your home or business surveillance needs. Full control over your system means you don’t have to worry about paying the extra cost of a new security camera installation to expand your coverage.

You Own the Surveillance Equipment

outdoor surveillance camera

When you opt for a security camera installation service, you don’t always own the security equipment they install. If you plan to move, you can’t just remove the security cameras and other components, and take it with you. You have to call the company and let them know of your moving plans in advance so they can come and remove the cameras themselves.

With the DIY security camera installation option, you can move the entire system with you, and avoid the extra cost that comes with dealing with companies that own your surveillance equipment. For instance, you’ll have to pay them for re-installing the security cameras in your new location or even for potential risk assessment and surveillance system upgrades.

Find the Best DIY Security Camera Systems

If you’re looking for professional-grade video surveillance solutions with zero cost of security camera installation and monitoring, look no further than CCTV Security Pros. We provide both wired and wireless DIY solutions for your indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. Want to learn more about how we can help you save thousands of dollars with our DIY security camera installation?

Whether you need help to customize, buy, or install your DIY security camera system, feel free to get in touch with us for reliable and free USA unlimited tech support or discover more at our Learning Center.

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