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The Benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE) CCTV Camera

Posted by Gregg DeRouanna on Jun 25, 2019

The Benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE) CCTV Camera

Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices are just what they sound like: they plug into ethernet ports and draw electricity as well as connect to the internet over the same ethernet cable. This makes them much more convenient to install, especially for specialty devices like security cameras. No separate power cable required!

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Here are more of the many benefits to Power over Ethernet CCTV camera systems.

Time and Cost Savings

PoE technology eliminates the need to install AC power outlets for network equipment like routers or devices like IP cameras. Even with multiple cameras to connect, you only need one source of power, reducing the required cabling. That means PoE CCTV installations can be accomplished easier, much faster, and for a lower cost. Less complexity in the installation process also means more savings for businesses.

Data Speed

One of the main reasons why PoE technology has become so ingrained in network connectivity is because data speeds are improving at a rapid rate. With the need for faster upload and download speeds, as well as reliable connectivity, there is a growing need for faster data speeds. PoE delivers that — systems can deliver up to 1Gbps using both Cat5 and Cat6 ethernet cables.

The new IEEE 802.3bz standard now provides faster data speeds of up to 2.5Gbps to 5Gbps over distances of 100 meters with an immediate view to reaching speeds of 10Gbps. Most HD streaming requires around 400Mbps for seamless performance, so PoE technology offers more than enough data speeds to support surveillance network connectivity and live viewing in local area networks of computers and other associated devices like PoE CCTV security cameras.

More Flexibility

With the need for separate AC power outlets eliminated, you get to enjoy the flexibility of placing compatible network equipment such as IP cameras in the most optimal locations instead of being tied to areas where power is available. Optimal placement of your surveillance cameras results in more efficient surveillance network infrastructure and better performance. You can easily place your IP cameras on high walls, ceilings or even outdoor locations with ease.


If you’re looking to add, move, change, or temporarily deploy security cameras, PoE technology makes it easier and faster. Businesses and security experts no longer have to be impacted by delays when completing surveillance system and upgrades and network modifications. The technology makes it more flexible and accommodating to change network requirements and install more PoE CCTV cameras. In short, scalability is seamless with PoE technology.

Enables Centralized Power Management

Using PoE technology makes it easier to centralize power management for all mission-critical network devices. If there’s a power outage, devices like IP security cameras will become inoperable unless they’re protected by a UPS with battery backup. Having multiple networked devices like cameras installed throughout your property requires the distribution of several UPS systems.

With PoE, you can rely on a single, centrally-managed UPS to supply backup power for your networked devices. This feature is critical in enabling remote shutdown and reset capabilities for your surveillance system. With easy management of PoE-enabled LAN switches possible via web browsers and even mobile apps, you can easily manage your PoE CCTV cameras and other networked devices remotely, saving time and the expense of dispatching a technician.

Why You Should Opt for IP PoE Systems

IP-based CCTV security systems have been around for more than a decade, and are the leading surveillance choice for businesses. Enterprise IP-based infrastructure is increasing at a high rate, with more than 75% of new projects going with IP PoE technology. The benefits for businesses are clear. Apart from the mentioned benefits that come with PoE technology - lower installation cost, easier maintenance, flexibility, reliability, safety, and scalability, IP systems offer more benefits:

  • Higher resolution - Typical analog cameras offer about 0.4MP, whereas standard IP cameras offer 2MP, 4MP, and even 8MP and 10MP. With these higher resolution options, it’s easy to see why IP CCTV systems are widely used today.
  • Remote access - IP PoE systems allow remote access of security cameras using a web-based interface to view real-time surveillance footage on PCs or mobile apps to view footage on smartphones from anywhere, anytime. This gives business owners the flexibility they need to monitor operations, check on employees, and ensure their property and assets are secure.
  • Ease of upgrade - IP PoE systems are easy to upgrade or scale. With a single PoE switch and the necessary infrastructure devices like network video recorders, expanding your surveillance network becomes easier. Using basic configuration and dependable networking infrastructure, businesses can deploy changes seamlessly with little delays and at less cost.
  • Comprehensive analytics - With advances in surveillance technology, IP PoE CCTV systems now come with intelligent features like video analysis to detect possible changes to surveillance footage and images. The surveillance software allows businesses to recognize peoples’ faces, license plates, and even motion detection.

Buying PoE IP Security Cameras

Buying PoE IP Security Cameras

There are many PoE IP camera systems out there in the market. Deciding which IP system to buy will largely depend on your security needs and budget. When shopping around, take into consideration the surveillance features that are most important to meet your business security needs, such as video resolution, weatherproof and vandal-proof housing, night vision, motion detection, wide angle viewing, and audio.

The advantage of buying IP PoE CCTV security cameras is the fact that they offer flexibility with the ability to be powered by a single source, which saves you money. If you’re looking to buy IP security cameras for your new business or want to upgrade from analog security cameras to IP cameras, feel free to check out our featured IP security cameras at CCTV Security Pros.

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