16 Camera "PRO SERIES" 1080p HIGH DEFINITION Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Vandal Dome Security Camera System with Varifocal Adjustable Lens

16 Camera "PRO SERIES" 1080p HIGH DEFINITION Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Vandal Dome Security Camera System with Varifocal Adjustable Lens
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This Complete HD 1080 Security Camera System comes with our HD 1080p Digital Video Recorder.  Our High Definition Digital Video Recorder has a variety of features for professional surveillance recording and monitoring.   Our HD Digital Video Recorder has a long video storage capacity of up to 6 Terabytes.  Our DVR records in real time 30 frames per second per channel (1080p HD TV Quality).  This DVR can record video 24/7 or record on motion.  The advantage of recording on motion is that it saves space on the hard drive while capturing the most important video. Easily retrieve your video with a quick search of time and date or by motion event.  Download video to a USB thumb drive or email your video as a file.  View your Security Cameras over the Internet, Tablet, and our FREE Cell Phone App - Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace. Additional features include unlimited digital zoom, motion push alerts, object masking, PTZ set up and control, central monitoring, and many more. 

The security cameras included our our Weather Proof Infrared Dome Vari-focal Security Cameras. These cameras have an adjustable 2.--12mm lens and can be used Indoor and Outdoor.  The cameras are Vandal Resistant and can be used in tough environments.  The adjustable lens enables you to adjust the focus and zoom to the best angle for you.  Whether you need an angle for a hallway, close up of an object, or even a wide angle view, the adjustable lens will enable you to do just that. These cameras are both wall and ceiling mountable. Finally, the cameras have infrared illuminators built in, enabling you to view video up to 100 foot away in complete darkness.  

Our "PRO SERIES" 1080p HD Security Camera Systems are simple and easy to set up.  Our "PRO SERIES" Systems comes with a Quick Start Guide and Manual. It includes a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, Unlimited USA Technical Support and a FULL 2 Year Warranty. Take advantage of the NEW HD Security Camera Technology and obtain clearer video then EVER BEFORE!


This Complete HD Security Camera System includes: 

  • (1) 16 Channel High Definition Digital Video Recorder
  • (1) 1 Terabyte Surveillance Grade Hard Dive (installed)
  • (16) 2MP HD 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Infrared Eyeball Dome Security Cameras with 2.8-12mm Adjustable Lens and over 90 Foot Night Vision
  • (16) 100 Foot Premade Power/Video Cable or Spool(s) (Optional)
  • (1) Multiple Output Power Supply
  • (1) High Definition LCD Monitor is OPTIONAL
  • DVD Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • Free Remote Viewing Software and Apps
  • Video Surveillance Warning Stickers and Aluminum Sign



Digital Video Recorder included: 

Our HD Digital Video Recorder enables you to monitor, record, and view your security cameras over the Internet, Cell, and Smartphones. This DVR offers recording up to 1080p. Use up to 6TB storage capacity. This Digital Video Recorder has an easy to use interface which enables you to program cameras with features such as motion, 24/7 recording, easy retrieval by time date and stamp, and much more. This DVR has both VGA and HDMI Video Outputs.  

View your live cameras ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and ANYPLACE on your Phones, Tablets, and other Internet Enabled Devices. 

  • 1080p Live and Recorded
  • Live view thru Internet, Tablet, and Cell Phone App 
  • 1 Channel of Audio
  • Supports up to 1080p Cameras
  • Internet, Cell, Smart Phone Viewing
  • 1 Hard Drive Slots, 6TB Capacity
  • 24/7, Motion, Scheduled Recording
  • Motion App Push Alerts
  • Digital Zoom Capability
  • VGA and HDMI Monitor Inputs
  • Easy Retrieval by Time and Date
  • Download Video Conveniently to USB
  • No Monthly Fees ($0) Internet Viewing


HD Infrared Security Cameras included:

Our 2MP 1080p Infrared Vandal Dome Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras are a a great solution for a variety of applications. They provide super high definition viewing and recording up to 1080p. The built in Infrared Illuminators enables these cameras to see up to 100 Foot in Complete Darkness. This cameras have an adjustable varifocal lens from 2.7-12mm. This enables you to determine the perfect width and zoom for your application.

  • Infrared Dome HD Camera


  • 2 Megapixel 1080p HD


  • Over 100 Foot Infrared Night Vision


  • Indoor, Outdoor, Weather Proof


  • Vandal Resistant


  • 2.7 to 12mm Adjustable Lens



Cables included:

HD Cameras are installed easily with Combo Power/Video Cables in ONE. Our HD systems offer Plug and Play Installation. All cables and connections are included with this system. You may run each camera up to 1500 Foot, making them appropriate for virtually any application.

This Complete "PRO SERIES" High Definition CVI Security Camera System includes:

  • 16 Channel "PRO SERIES" High Definition Digital Video Recorder with Internet and Cell Phone Viewing
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Vandal 1080p 2MP Dome Infrared Cameras with 100 Foot Night Vision
  • Choice of 100 Foot, 150 Foot, or 500/1000 Foot Spool of RG-59 Video/Power Combination Cables with all Connections Needed (Run Each Camera Up to 1500 Feet Away)
  • Multiple Output Power Supply
  • 22 INCH High Definition LCD Monitor is INCLUDED
  • DVD Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • Video Surveillance Stickers and Aluminum Sign
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Technical Support

"PRO Series" Digital Video Recorder Highlights:

  • Supports both Standard BNC Security Cameras and New High Definition Megapixel Digital Cameras, otherwise known as CVI.
  • Live Free Remote Camera Viewing PC, Cell, Pads, and More
  • Free Cell Phone Application for Phone System Control
  • View and Record Up to 1080p Definition Video
  • 2 Built in Hard Drives Slots for Up to 12 TB's of Video Storage
  • High Definition Multimedia and VGA (PC) Simultaneous Monitor Outputs
  • Central Monitoring to Monitor Multiple Locations
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Setup and Support
  • Mouse and Remote Included
  • 4 Channels of Audio Recording
  • Quick Start Guides and Live Free USA Tech Support for Set Up
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 100%Money Back Guarantee



Our "PRO SERIES" HD DVR is a professional, complete surveillance HIGH DEFINITION monitoring, recording, and Internet viewing solution!

Our "PRO SERIES" HD DVR IS COMPATIBLE with standard CCTV Cameras and and the newer HIGH DEFINITION OVER COAX technology.
Our new HD Security Cameras, otherwise known as CVI, provides you with higher definition video quality. When you add our new HD Security Cameras to this recorder, you will notice a big difference in terms of clarity.


  • Supports Standard Security Cameras and New High Definition Megapixel Digital Cameras, otherwise known as CVI.
  • Live Free Remote Camera Viewing PC, Cell, Pad, and Smart Phones
  • Free Featured Cell Phone App
  • Up to 1080p Definition Video
  • 2 Built in Hard Drives Slots for Up to 12 TB's of Video Storage
  • High Definition Multimedia and VGA (PC) Simultaneous Monitor Outputs
  • Central Monitoring to Monitor Multiple Locations
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Setup and Support
  • Mouse and Remote Included
  • 4 Channels of Audio Recording
  • Quick Start Guides and Live Free USA Tech Support for Set Up
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 100%Money Back Guarantee

Our "PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorder has a clear and simple user friendly interface, making set up a breeze. Our "PRO SERIES" DVR allows you to individually customize your settings both live and remotely over the Internet. View your live video directly over the Internet, Cell Phones, and Pads. There are no additional monthly fees for remote viewing. Easily search your system buy time, date, or motion to play back days of video. You may program your DVR to do 24/7 recording, motion recording, or record on a schedule. You will also be able to conveniently monitor your assets anytime, anywhere, any place, over the Internet, Cell Phone, Pad, and other Internet Enabled Devices.

Our "PRO SERIES" HD Digital Video has 2 built in hard drives slots for up to 12 TB of long video storage capacity. We install the hard drive and test the Digital Video Recorder before shipping to you. You simply plug in your cameras, turn on the unit and see high definition video. Use the mouse or remote to further customize each camera to your preference.

"PRO SERIES" DVR Features & Functions include:

LIVE REMOTE INTERNET, CELL PHONE, and Tablet VIEWING - Our "PRO SERIES" DVR allows you to monitor your cameras Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace! View your Security Cameras on the on the Internet, Cell Phone, and Internet enabled devices. Remote Viewing requires a basic high-speed internet connection. It is Simple, Easy, Safe, and Secure for you to monitor your assets.

24/7 RECORDING, MOTION RECORDING, and SCHEDULED RECORDING ? You decide how you want set up all your settings to record. Save time and hard drive space by recording on motion or schedule. Program your "PRO SERIES" DVR to send an email notification and digital snapshot on cameras when motion occurs.

UP to 1080p High Definition Live View ON EVERY CHANNEL - No more jumpiness or jerkiness in the video that you may have experienced in the past. This DVR is truely "the best in it's class".

H.264 VIDEO COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY - Provides Up to 3x MORE Video Storage than the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs used in the past. What that means to you is longer even video storage capacity, enabling you to review video from prior days and/or months. H.264 Technology also provides you with better video quality both live and over the Internet.

COMPATIBILITY - The "PROS SERIES" DVR is compatible with Standard CCTV security cameras and our new HD Security Cameras.

DIGITAL ZOOM ? Our "PRO SERIES” Digital Video Reorders offer Digital Zoom. This helps you to digitally zoom in on a particular area or object. When you use our new HD Security Cameras you will notice better identification and clarity than ever before.

4 CHANNELS OF AUDIO RECORDING - Record AUDIO on up to 4 Cameras with our "PRO SERIES" DVR by adding our optional microphone.

MULTIPLE SCREEN DISPLAY OPTIONS - View 1 camera, 4 Cameras, 8 Cameras, 16 Cameras, or up 32 Cameras at a time. There are many multiple screen display options (layouts) to view your cameras on the monitor. For example, you may choose to make one camera larger than some of the surrounding cameras on the display screen, etc.

SAVE VIDEO TO USB or PC - All of our systems offer multiple recording options in order to save and archive video. Use a USB FLASH DRIVE or email the video to your PC. Send your video direct to authorities as an email attachment. The "PRO SERIES" DVR has 2 SATA Hard Drive Slots for months of video surveillance storage potential.

CENTRAL MONITORING STATION - If you have several businesses or homes, you may want to utilize CMS. CMS enables you to monitor all of your locations on one screen. Monitor up 50 of our DVRs over one IP address.

SIMPLE TO SET UP - Our Digital Video Recorder is simple and easy to set up and view over the Internet and Cell Phone. Each DVR comes with a Mouse, CD, and Quick Start Guide. We also offer simple diagrams and videos on our Technical Support tab. Use the Quick Start Guide to quickly set up your initial system settings on your DVR such as remote viewing, motion detection, email alerts, and more. If you have any questions call us and one of our techs will easily walk you through set up.

We stand behind the "PRO SERIES" HD Digital Video Recorder with an INDUSTRY LEADING 2 YEAR FULL WARRANTY!

Technical Specifications
Video Inputs 4 BNC Inputs 8 BNC Inputs 16 BNC Inputs
Video Type HD-CVI 1080p
Analog NTSC (525TVL, 60fps)
IP 1080p
Audio Inputs 4 RCA Inputs
Audio Output 1 RCA Output
Two-way Talk Reuses Audio Input / Output of Channel 1
Display Interface 1 HDMI, 1 VGA
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720, 1024 x 768
Display Split 1 /4 1 /4/8/9 1 /4/8/9/ 16
Privacy Masking Up to 4 rectangular zones per channel
On-Screen Display Camera Title, Time, Video Loss, Channel Lock, Motion Detection, Recording
Video/Audio Compression H.264 / G.711
Recording Resolution 1080p (1920 x 1080), 960H (960 x 480), D1 (704 x 480), CIF (352 x 240), QCIF (176 x 120)
Recording Rate Main Stream 1080p / 960H / D1 / CIF@1 - 30fps
Extra Stream D1@1 - 7fps, CIF / QCIF@1 -30fps
Bit Rate 96 -4096Kbps
Recording Mode Manual, Schedule (Continuous, MD, Alarm), Stop
Trigger Events Recording, PTZ, Tour, Alarm Out, Video Push, E-mail, FTP, Spot, Snapshot, Buzzer, On?screen Notification
Motion Detection Motion Detection, 396 MD Zones (22 x 18), Video Loss and Camera Blank
Alarm Inputs 8 Channels 16 Channels
Relay Outputs 3 Channels
Synchronized Playback 1 /4 1/4/9 1 /4/9/16
Search Mode Time/Date, Alarm, MD & Exact search (accurate to second)
Playback Functions Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Frame by Frame, Next File, Previous File, Next Camera, Previous Camera, Full Screeen, Repeat, Shuffle, Backup Selection, Digital Zoom
Backup Media USB HDD, Network Download
Network interface RJ-45 (10/100M) RJ-45 (10/100/1000M)
Network Protocols HTTP, IPv4/IPv6, TCP/IP, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPoE, DDNS, FTP, IP Filter, Alarm Server, SNMP, P2P
Remote User Access Maximum 128 Users
HDD Interfaces 2 SATA Ports
USB Interfaces 2 Ports (1 rear) USB 2.0
RS-232 Interface n/a
RS-485 Interface 1 Port for Serial PTZ Control
Power Requirement DC12V/4A DC12V/5A
Power Consumption 15W (Without HDD)
Operating Environment -10°C - +55°C Less than 90% Relative Humidity
Dimensions 1U - 375mm x 285mm x 55mm
Weight 7 lbs (Without HDDs)
Shipping Weight 15 Ibs (Dimensional Weight)


**Use our HIGH DEFINITION CVI Security Cameras with our PRO and EXTREME SERIES DVR recorders. High Definition Digital Video Recorders and Cameras are about the same price as standard high resolution security cameras. High Definition CVI Cameras provides true high definition video up to 1080p and is also compatible with older BNC cameras.

This is a 1080p - 2 Megapixel HD Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Infrared HD Dome Security Camera. When used in conjunction with our High Definition "PRO or EXTREME SERIES" Digital Video Recorders, you will achieve stunningly clearly clear 1080p high resolution video. This camera uses "SMART Infrared" Night Vision up to 100 FEET. It include a 2.7-12mm vari-focal lens so you can determine the best angle and zoom for your particular application. The dome is both wall and ceiling mountable, making it perfect for almost any application. You will be able to zoom in clearer and closer then ever compared to standard cameras. Expect stunningly clear definition in both the day and night with these HD Security Camera.


  • 1080p High Definition Camera
  • 2 Megapixel
  • STANDARD LENS: 2.7-12mm Adjustable LENS
  • DC 12V


    • 2 Megapixel
    • Vandle Resistant
    • SMART IR Night Vision Over 90 Feet
    • 25/30fps @ 1080P
    • High Speed, Long Distance Real-time Transmission
    • Day/Night(ICR), AWB, AGC, BLC, 2DNR
    • 2.7~12mm Vari-focal lens
    • Max. IR LEDs Length 30m - Smart IR
    • IP67 Weather Proof, DC12V



5 star rating
"Really good camera. Works really well down the aisle of my store when I adjust the lens."
Brian G.
5 star rating
"Good camera in day and night. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Also, the reps are courteous and answer immediately..."
Scott G.
5 star rating
"Great small little camera. Blends in well with decor. Great HD picture too."
Lawrence S.
5 star rating
"Really good company to work with. You get what you pay for!"
Matt C.
5 star rating
"I purchased a system from (big box store) and I was unimpressed. It was not working correctly and the recorder was not user friendly. I took that camera system back and ordered yours. It was a whole different experience. The cameras camera quickly, worked great, and you actually have real support which was nice to. I got your repeat customer email and appreciate it."
Jeff T.
5 star rating
"Love the wide 2.8mm lens adjustment. It provides me more than a 90 degree field of view. The wider the better for me and this is very good."
Umang P.
5 star rating
"Works very well. Using in home."
Terry S.
5 star rating
"I am happy I chose to go with your company. Quality of the cameras is a different level. You guys do a good job and that is why I come back."
Christian B.
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    Thanks guys. As always nice quality.

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