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HD Security Hidden Cameras

New High Definition Security Cameras

HD Security Hidden Cameras
HIGH DEFINITION Security Cameras are installed the same exact way as traditional high resolution security cameras - - with Coax Cable. The only difference is that with our latest technology you will achieve 100% DIGITAL HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO OF UP TO 1080p - a huge advancement from traditional security cameras. Perhaps the greatest enhancement is the digital zoom capability. These cameras achieve outstanding detail even when you digitally zoom in on video during or after recording.

HIGH DEFINITION "Composite Video Interface" Security Camera Technology Advantages:

  • True High Definition Megapixel Video of Up to 1080p Resolution
  • Exceptional ZOOM IN Capabilities for SMALLER DETAILS
  • Same Simple Plug and Play Installation
  • Each Camera Can Be Mounted Up to 1500 feet away from Recorder
  • A Huge Enhancement in Definition over older BNC Camera Systems

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