Coaxial Cable Stripper

Model No: CSP-NCCS
Coaxial Cable Stripper
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Finally, an economical, high-performance coaxial stripper with strong ergonomic design! Performs two and three-level stripping of coaxial cables. Strips outer jacket, shield braid and inner dielectric. Adjustable blade depth for different coaxial cable thickness. The LC CST makes it easy to have the right preset stripper for the job. If you need to adjust the blades, the hex key makes it easy to set the cutting depth. The stripping diagram on the top of the stripper makes it quick to select the proper tool for the coaxial cable you're using. Self-regulating tension means that you don't have to hold the jaws down on the cable. Just insert the cable and spin the tool in the direction of the arrow on the side!


  • Adjustable blade depth for varying cable diameters



  • Self-regulating stripping method



  • Pre-set strip lengths for most common strip lengths



  • Economical price with high-quality performance



  • Clear cable illustration on top of tool for cable placement and embossed arrow for spin direction



  • One-year warranty



Strong design high performance coaxial cable stripper in economical rate. Coaxial Cable stripping is performing in two and three level. Coaxial Cable strips inner dielectric, shield braid and outer jacket. Adjustable blade depth for different coaxial cable thickness. The LC CST makes it easy to use and help to have right preset stripper. Adjustment of blades is frequently require in stripping cables; hex key make it easy and mainly it set up the cutting depth. Diagram and marking made on top of stripper give proper idea to user about selecting proper tool for coaxial cable which you are using. It is not necessary to hold jaws down on the cable this is due to self-regulating. Insert cable and spin the tool in the direction of arrow place on stripper.


  • High quality performance and economic rate.



  • Self regulating stripping technique



Adjustable blade

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