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Starlight Security Camera Systems


Starlight technology provides surveillance even in no-light settings!

Specifying a security camera for low-light environments isn’t a one size fits all solution. Each application has its own set of challenges, lighting constraints and budget requirements. Our new starlight technology will enhances your night vision like never before - at a budget you can afford.  CCTV Security Pros Starlight technology uses optical, sensor, and image processing technologies to provide clear images in dark environments. Any CCTV camera with an IR cut filter (ICR) is designed to switch to night mode when the camera senses that insufficient light is available to reproduce good quality color images. When night mode is triggered, the IR cut filter disengages allowing infrared as well as visible illumination to reach the image sensor. Additionally, the camera electronically suppresses any color information providing clear monochrome images down to a certain light level. Many cameras include built-in IR illuminators to further illuminate the scene, reducing noise.

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