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Adjustable Angle Cameras

You cannot cover every single angle with a fixed wide lens camera.  Sometimes you need to focus in on objects that are further away.  Our adjustable "vari-focal" cameras are more suitable than wide angle cameras in certain applications. For example, if you are mounting a camera 50 foot away and want to get close ups and analytics of people coming through a doorway, an adjustable camera would be preferable.  An adjustable HD camera has both a digital and optical zoom, enabling you to focus in on the finest of details.  An adjustable or controllable zoom camera enables you to cover both wide angles and zoom angles such as hallways, gates, license plates and expensive inventory. Many of our vari-focal adjustable cameras are motorized.  You control the angle anytime and anywhere from our software or free phone app.  This enables you to zoom in and out to set the appropriate angle and zoom for each area you are monitoring. 



One size does not fit all.  We can customize the type of camera you need to best meet you objectives.  Check out our full line of adjustable vari-focal cameras here:

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