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Home > BACKORDERED ULTRA HIGH RES MONALISA "EXTREME SERIES" Complete High Definition (HDMI) 16 Camera Color MONALISA Indoor Pro 700 Lines Security Camera System
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BACKORDERED ULTRA HIGH RES MONALISA "EXTREME SERIES" Complete High Definition (HDMI) 16 Camera Color MONALISA Indoor Pro 700 Lines Security Camera System

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New ProductFree 22 inch LCD Monitor100% Satisfaction Guarantee3 Year Camera WarrantyFree DVR Upgrade for Future ExpansionFree Hard Drive UpgradeFree DVD BurnerFree Tech Support
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BACKORDERED ULTRA HIGH RES MONALISA "EXTREME SERIES" Complete High Definition (HDMI) 16 Camera Color MONALISA Indoor Pro 700 Lines Security Camera System

Our "EXTREME SERIES" Security Camera Systems combines our TOP Super High Resolution Sony CCD Security Cameras with our "EXTREME" Digital Video Recorder. Our "EXTREME SERIES" Security Camera Systems will enable you to record and monitor video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security is "at your fingertips" with the ability to monitor your home or business while you are away though your Cell Phone, Pads, and Internet enabled devices.

The "EXTREME SERIES" Digital Video Recorder is appropriate for ANY application. The "EXTREME SERIES" Digital Video Recorder is used by THOUSANDS of small, medium, and "enterprise" surveillance applications. Our “EXTREME SERIES" Digital Video Recorders are the best in class. They incorporate 960H Resolution to take advantage of the latest and greatest resolution technology. 960H offers 34% Higher Resolution than D1, which means clearer video footage. Use up to 18 Terabytes for LONG Video Storage!

The "EXTREME SERIES" Digital Video Recorder utilizes H.264 Compression Technology. H.264 Compression enables you to store up to 3x more video than with the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs of the past. Easily and quickly retrieve video by time and date on a DVD, USB flash drive, or email video for review.

Additional features and functions of our "EXTREME SERIES" Systems include Motion, 24/7 or Scheduled Recording, Object Masking, Motion Email Alerts with Digital Snapshot, Digital Zoom, Multiple Screen Displays, PTZ Control, HDMI High Definition Multimedia Display, Central Monitoring Station, and much more. Our “EXTREME SERIES” Digital Video Recorders come with a 3 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee, and Free USA Technical Support.

The Security Cameras in our "EXTREME SERIES" Systems are "Second to None." They provide Super High Resolution Definition in both the day and night. The "EXTREME SERIES" 960H Digital Video Recorder - coupled with our Super High Resolution Security Cameras, will provide you with superior video footage and clarity. For full camera specifications, please click on the "About the Cameras" Tab above.

Our "EXTREME SERIES" Systems are EASY to install. We provide you with instruction manuals, product specific quick start guides, diagrams, online videos, and Live USA EXPERIENCED Technical Support Monday to Friday to help answer ANY questions that you may have. Installing a camera system is easy and straight-forward. If you can run a cable from the back of the recorder to each camera, You (or an installer/electrician/IT department) can do it yourself and save thousands.

Our "EXTREME SERIES" Security Camera Systems come with everything needed for installation including the Digital Video Recorder, Cameras, Cables, and Connections. Two Surveillance Stickers and a 10 x 10 Inch Aluminum Sign is also included with your system.

Order this Complete "EXTREME SERIES" Security Camera System Online 24/7 or Call Us at (888) 653-2288
for Advice, a Quote, or to Customize YOUR System Today!

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