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Camera System Comparison Chart


Up to 4K Ultra High DefinitionRemote Viewing on Smartphone & ComputerType of CablingMaximum PoE Cable DistanceNDAA Compliant*Advanced Motion Detection AlertsONVIF
Green line (Surevision) Ethernet Cat5e/Cat6 800ft
Blue line Ethernet Cat5e/Cat6 328ft  

*Contains no USA banned components and is acceptable for use in federally funded projects

Hardwired For Reliability

Providing superior quality, uninterrupted, secure video monitoring systems since 2008.

Place your camera
Run your cable
Turn on your recorder

Our plug and play systems are designed for ease of use. Every recorder is set for 24/7 continuous recording on all channels by default. Download our app to view on you phone. Download our software to view on your computer. See Installation Basics

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