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Top-Rated License Plate Recognition

Our SureVision License Plate Recognition IP Camera, also known as LPR cameras, can efficiently identify, record, and store license plate numbers from every passing vehicle, recognizing up to hundreds license plates per minute. This ensures that no vehicle escapes its watchful eyes.


When it comes to taking on the elements, our SureVision License Plate Cameras stand tall. Crafted with a weather-resistant housing, it can withstand conditions like rain, snow, dust storms, and sleet, and still deliver clear, crisp images. The durable construction offers you a reliable security guard against unexpected incidents, while maximizing the value of your investment.

User-friendly Setup and Operation

Ease of use is a primary focus with our License Plate Recognition IP Cameras. Every camera comes complete with an instructive guide, with step-by-step instructions for a smooth and simple setup. The cameras feature an intuitive digital interface that makes navigation the user menu easy. Retrieving license plate video, modifying settings, and monitoring the premises have never been easier!

Add a Network Video Recorder 

Use your license plate recognition cameras along with one of our network video recorders to be sure you can take advantage of all the AI features in functions that the camera offers.  Use your license plate recognition cameras with one of our compatible following SureVision IP Network Video Recorders.

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