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IP network video recorders have become dominant in high-quality surveillance. If you’re a business or property owner looking for effective and reliable security solutions, start here.

NVR systems are a type of security video recorder that varies from HD video recorders by operating over Cat5 Ethernet cable.

Commercial-grade IP NVR recorders by CCTV Security Pros are compatible with our cutting-edge 1080p and 4K Ultra HD IP Cameras. Our IP recorders are the heart of your IP security camera system and feature a dynamic architecture to support a range of IP cameras.

All of our Network Video Recorders are OMNIF COMPLIANT.

Top features of Network Video Recorders

    • Crystal clear high definition video
      • Remote viewing of live or recorded video via smartphones, computers, and tablets anywhere, any time.
      • Integrated user-friendly web-interface
      • Recording 24/7, activate recording on motion, or on a schedule.
      • Easily retrieve recorded surveillance footage by time and date
      • Compatible with our IP dome, infrared bullet, PTZ controllable, professional box, hidden, wide angle dome, and wireless security cameras

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