License Plate IP Cameras

License Plate Recognition with Precision

The heart of any efficient security system lies in its precision. The Blue Line Bullet License Plate IP Cameras are built for just that. Offering the ability to capture clear and accurate license plates, these cameras work effectively in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Unfailing Security, Indoors and Outdoors

The Blue Line Bullet License Plate Cameras are an excellent solution for those who value uncompromised security. Engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, these cameras can easily be mounted on walls or ceiling. Offering seamless monitoring and enabling clear video capture in even the most challenging scenarios, the Blue Line License Plate IP cameras allow you to stay alert and informed at all times.

Easy to Install, Easier to Use

These sophisticated IP Cameras are built with POE, making installations simple and easy. So whether you are a tech-wiz or not, these cameras have got you covered.

Data Storage with the Blue Line NVR

When tied with the Blue Line NVR, these license plate cameras do more than just recognize license plates. They capture and store the data, allowing for easy recovery and review. This immensely beneficial feature makes retrieval a matter of few clicks, providing you with hassle-free access to your security feeds.

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