CCTV Security Pros offers two main types of security systems. These IP camera surveillance systems, operate over CAT 5/6 cable or wirelessly. The other type Analog HD Systems operate over coaxial cable. They are both high quality, cost effective systems but each has benefits that make them ideally suited to one environment over another.

Why Choose an IP System?

  • Up to 4k image resolutions
  • Powered over Ethernet (POE) or WiFi (wired cameras always recommended, but wireless is an option)
  • For newer buildings or buildings upgraded to CAT 5/6 cable wiring
  • No separate power supply or distribution box needed
  • Local Area Network (LAN) connections between cameras and recorders

IP System Features And Benefits

Internet Protocol (IP) Systems are considered state of the art for commercial grade security.

Where maximum visual clarity is needed, IP systems are recommended. This system is also recommended when you need to more coverage since a large number of cameras can be rigged to a single network video recorder.

Build a Complete IP System

With a complete system, you can watch your cameras live and even review past video on your PC, smartphone, or tablet without monthly fees. You can also set your cameras to record 24/7, on a schedule, or by detected motion.

Click a link below to choose a complete system, or upgrade your system with new IP cameras or an IP compatible network video recorder (NVR).

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If you’re still not sure if you’ve selected the right equipment or the right number of cameras for your surveillance needs, please contact us to consult a CCTV Security Pro specialist. You can contact us online here, or call us at 888.663.2288


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