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Android Security Camera App

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Aug 10, 2020

Android phone security app

If you’re an Android smartphone user and want to enjoy the benefits of remote security camera viewing on your smartphone, you’re in the right place. Most trusted security camera and system providers in the market offer comprehensive Android security camera apps, ensuring reliable live monitoring, recording, and playback of surveillance footage on your mobile phone.

CCTV Security Pros provides advanced smartphone apps with powerful features that help you keep a close eye on your business, home, kids, pets and other properties right at your fingertips, and at no extra cost. If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to remotely watch surveillance video feeds on your smartphone or tablet, look no further but our security camera apps for Android phones.

Surveillance solutions now offer specific capabilities catered to on-the-go end users who want to enjoy more versatility and flexibility from their security systems, and remote viewing is one of them. Let’s discuss some benefits of remotely viewing your security cameras via Android security camera apps:

Cost-Effective Surveillance Option

Whether you’re a business owner looking to monitor your workers or ensure security in your retail store, or a homeowner who wants to ensure the safety of your loved ones, a remote viewing security camera app for Android is a reliable and cost-effective surveillance solution. Eliminate the need for setting up a remote monitoring system or having an on-site guard. Easily keep tabs on your property and loved ones without being physically present.

The latest security HD and IP security cameras and systems now come with extra features like night vision and motion detection technology that alerts you when there’s movement. This allows you to take necessary action after viewing live feeds on your Android security camera app, saving you thousands in money that you may have otherwise spent on professional monitoring services.

Highly Responsive and Proactive Surveillance Solution

While other security systems may be slower to react to a security incident like a break-in or intrusion, remote viewing security cameras on your Android app enables you to react quickly and alert emergency services within minutes after detecting suspicious activity or getting an alert or notification on your mobile phone. It’s this effective and rapid response time that is giving security camera apps for Android phones and other platforms like iPhone an edge when it comes to enjoying proactive security via remote monitoring.

Improved Surveillance Reliability

With an Android security camera app, users can control their cameras from anywhere, anytime and any location to get the best view or images of specific objects like license plates or subjects like people’s faces. For instance, if you have PTZ cameras installed, you can pan your cameras in different directions, tilt the cameras to have a better view, and even adjust the zoom all from your mobile application so you can have a more improved surveillance experience.

Incredibly Convenient

Android phone apps

A remote viewing security camera app for Android offers the flexibility you need to keep a close eye on what matters to you most. Whether it’s your kids and pets, your workers, or your property, all you need is a stable and strong internet connection to enjoy live footage of your remote security cameras or system. You can view a single camera or even multiple cameras in multiple locations, all from the convenience of your Android security camera app. 

Shop Quality Products Trusted by 60,000+ Customers

If you’re looking to upgrade your surveillance cameras or buy a new surveillance system, one of the most important features you should have is remote viewing. CCTV Security Pros brings you a selection of commercial-grade cameras and recorders that support remote viewing. All our security video recorders are supported. Our products are trusted by over 60,000 customers.

Enjoy the best remote viewing with our Android security camera app. Want to learn more about our security products or how to use our security camera apps for Android phones? Visit our Learning Center or call us at 888.653.2288 today.