Security Cameras for Gates

One of the most effective ways to secure your business entry and exit points is by installing professional-grade security cameras for gates. A security camera system acts as a visible deterrent to criminal activity and creates the accountability to keep your business safe. CCTV Security Pros provides superior IP and HD security cameras with advanced features for your surveillance needs.

These CCTV cameras for gates are in use at 60,000+ locations. They’re trusted by Fortune 500 companies, top universities, and government installations to reliably perform year after year. They can be set up for viewing remotely via any computer or mobile device at no extra cost.

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We have various types of CCTV cameras for gates as well as security camera system kits for securing gates in businesses, apartments, government buildings, residential communities, learning institutions, and other properties. As a leader in security camera solutions, we can help you design and customize a complete security system that fits your unique security needs. 

Security Camera System for Gates

These complete business security camera systems include the recorder, cables, connections, and cameras you need to effectively cover your property. Choose by the type of system technology or number of cameras needed.

IP Camera Systems

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HD Over Coax Systems

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IP Camera System


HD Security Camera Systems

Connect with a specialist at CCTV Security Pros to customize the best security camera system for your needs. Order online or call a Pro at (888) 653-2288.