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Security Camera App for iPhone

The rapid adoption of the iPhone and iPad in the consumer market has no doubt been a driving force behind the development of mobile security camera surveillance apps. Tailored towards on-the-go business owners and homeowners, many HD and IP security cameras, as well as digital and video recorder manufacturers are unveiling cutting-edge security camera apps for iPhone. These mobile applications enable seamless remote viewing of cameras from anywhere.

While most businesses rely on centralized surveillance monitoring, more of them, including homeowners are switching to mobile remote monitoring. At CCTV Security Pros, we provide free smartphone apps for iPhone users, allowing you to remotely view your cameras.

What are the benefits of remote viewing your security cameras over mobile devices?

24/7 Surveillance

One of the biggest benefits of remote viewing security cameras is the fact that you get to enjoy 24/7 surveillance and protection at your fingertips. For instance, the iPhone security monitoring app from CCTV Security Pros allows you to directly view your IP cameras or log into your security system and view live footage of whatever is going on in and around your property with a touch of your iPhone. This can help prevent theft, burglary and property damage.

Once you’ve logged in, you record video, playback recorded video on the NVR or DVR, control your pan-tilt-zoom camera settings, search through past recorded footage via time and date and manage motion detection alerts. All our All CCTV Security Pros recorders support remote viewing on smartphones. Monitoring your business, home, office, kids, pets and other areas is now easy with a reliable security camera app for iPhone.

Greater Peace of Mind and Less False Alarms

With better surveillance comes greater peace of mind. Businesses and homeowners can take advantage of remote viewing in combination with alarm systems to help detect and prevent threats like intrusions, fires and other security risks that could lead to loss of valuable assets or even injury to employees. With constant on-the-go monitoring using your iPhone security camera app, you can worry less about your security and deal with less false alarms.

Monitor Multiple Cameras Across Multiple Locations

With an iPhone remote viewing app, you’re not just limited to monitoring one security camera. If your home has multiple cameras indoors and outdoors, or you have a business that requires multiple cameras in multiple locations, you don’t have to worry about complex remote monitoring requirements. With your security camera app for iPhone, you can remotely view multiple security camera feeds across multiple surveillance locations.

This is a popular surveillance feature for parents who are mostly away from home, property managers who need to monitor multiple buildings, business owners who need to monitor workers as well as inventory managers who need to keep an eye on inventory stocking. This feature is incredibly great when combined with other features like motion detection, which can send alerts when your camera/s detect movement or motion when you’re away.

Growing Compatible Surveillance Technology

As surveillance technology advances, we’re set to see more solutions supporting security camera apps for iPhone and other mobile platforms like Android. There is a variety of available security camera technology that supports remote viewing on smartphones:

  • PTZ security cameras
  • Infrared dome cameras
  • Wide angle dome cameras
  • Bullet security cameras
  • Wireless security cameras
  • Hidden security cameras
  • All DVR and NVR video recorders at CCTV Security Pros

Commercial-Grade Security Cameras and Systems

CCTV Security Pros is a leading direct supplier of innovative security cameras and systems for businesses and homes. Our security products feature advanced technology, including remote viewing on smartphones like iPhone, so you can deter crime while reducing your security requirements and related expenses.

Want to know more about our remote viewing security camera app for iPhone? Learn more at our Learning Center or contact us now.

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