BNC Twist On (Pack of 20)

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BNC Twist On (Pack of 20)
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The quickest and simplest way to terminate coaxial cables for your security cameras without using any special crimping tools or soldering. These BNC twist on connectors come in a pack of 20. Coax cable is the primary wiring of our HD over coax cameras and systems.

These connectors are nickel plated with a gold-plated center pin. One-piece construction simplifies the attachment to your RG59U coax cables and makes for easier installation of your security camera system.

Contact CCTV Security Pros for USA-based support installing your security system that can save you thousands of dollars over third-party installation.


  • For making your own RG59 BNC coax cable.
  • Available in single quantities as well.
  • Nickel plated with a gold-plated center pin.

Superior Quality Accessories

Our BNC connectors allow you to easily connect your security cameras to your DVR unit. Whether you want a single BNC twist connector or a complete set of connectors and adapters for your security camera installation needs, CCTV Security Pros brings you the largest selection of superior quality accessories to render live video feeds from security cameras.


Use a wire stripper to strip the outer sheath of your RG59U coax cable. Fold the screen back over the outer sheath. Then strip the inner sheath and screw the plug onto the end.

If you’re connecting outdoor cameras that will be exposed to weather elements, you can secure the BNC twist on connectors with electrical tape to protect the ends from contact with water.

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Order these BNC twists online, or see other cables and connectors for your system. Need help finding the right components? Contact us online or give us a call at 888.653.2288.

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BNC Twist On (Pack of 20)

BNC Twist On (Pack of 20)



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