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Professional 1000 Foot Spool of RG59 Siamese Coax Cable (95% 20AWG + 18/2 Power) - UL Listed

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Model: CSP-RG1000
1000 ft High Quality UL Listed RG59 (95%) 20AWG + 18/2 Power - Spool Siamese Cable, (Black/White)

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Professional 1000 Foot Spool of RG59 Siamese Coax Cable (95% 20AWG + 18/2 Power) - UL Listed

This cable is used with all HD over Coax systems and analog cameras. This is a 1000 foot spool, return to our cables & connections page for cables of different lengths and types.

Use this professional-grade and industry standard siamese coax camera cable for 2 in 1 video and audio connectivity with 1080p HD video quality. It’s graded for use indoors and outside and FT4 certified.

You can save thousands by installing your security system yourself with our help. Get a USA-based expert on the phone who will walk you through the process when you contact CCTV Security Pros.


  • 20AWG Solid, 95% Copper Center Conductor, 128 braiding Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene insulation
  • 2 x 18AWG Stranded Bare Copper Conductors (Each Power Cord: 7 * 95% Copper)
  • PVC Jacket
  • Sweep Tested to 3 GHz
  • Sequential Foot Markers, and Zone & Area Markers
  • UL Listed
  • FT 4 Certified
  • Dimension: 14.19" x 14.19" x 12.41"
  • Weight 40 pounds

Industrial Standard Cable Quality

This standard RG59 siamese coax cable is durable and easy to install for surveillance cameras. Each camera can transmit HD video a maximum distance of 700 feet per camera without loss of quality.

RG59 Siamese cables are heavily shielded, pre-made and durable cables that make your work easier when you want to do camera installations at long distances without experiencing interference. You can cut each coax camera cable run to the exact length you need, making the cabling part of the installation process clean and simple.

Order RG59 Siamese Cables in 1000 Foot Spools Today

Need help with installing your security camera system? CCTV Security Pros offers free USA technical and installation support. Our experienced support team will guide you through the installation process so you get up and running in quickly. Whatever type of security camera cables you need or accessories, we supply you with top quality components for your needs.

Order RG59 Siamese Coax Cable online now or contact us for help designing your ideal security setup.

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