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Creative Security Camera Benefits | CCTV Security Pros

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Feb 4, 2019

Creative Security Camera Benefits

Over 35 million American households currently have a working home security system. But security cameras can have more uses than just securing your home from burglars and criminals.

When people think of CCTV surveillance systems, the first thought is often to security cameras in stores to prevent shoplifting and outdoor cameras in homes to protect valuable property. On top of the security camera benefits you already know, here are some creative ways you can use your home surveillance system if you know how to choose the right system.

Monitor Your Staff, Including Construction Workers and Repair Personnel

Whenever you have people working around your property, such as renovation crew or repairmen, you want to keep an eye on things. The benefits of your security cameras don’t stop at security alone. You can easily monitor anyone in and around your property to make sure everything is on track. Using security cameras to monitor staff both at home and your workplace can help you resolve any potential problems or concerns that may arise right away to avoid bigger issues later.

Automating Home Devices

Smart home technology systems are becoming increasingly becoming popular. With the right smart home integration, security cameras like the indoor nest cam can be used to communicate with other smart devices in your home to automatically turn off lights and adjust the indoor temperature when you are away or after leaving the house. Having a surveillance system that is compatible with your smart home hub or technology is also beneficial and infinitely more convenient.

Vacation Monitoring

Going on vacation often comes with one major concern - the security of your home when you’re away. But with security cameras, you can have better peace of mind and enjoy your getaway to the fullest without worrying over what’s happening back at home. By simply using your phone, you can check on the interior and exterior of your home in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Want to know whether your home sitter is doing their work? Need a delivery made? Want to make sure your garage is secure? Check your camera feed for peace of mind.

Natural Disaster Documentation

When Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc, dealing with insurance claims can be a headache. Your security cameras can be a benefit to your efforts in documenting the damage caused by natural disasters is a great way to save you a great deal of stress. Having recorded video or photographic evidence of damage will help your insurance company assess the damages much faster and more accurately so you and your loved ones can recover quickly from the disaster. Preparing for natural disasters in advance is critical, so when a tragedy happens, you can ensure everyone is safe.

Enhancing Neighborhood Safety

Enhancing Neighborhood Safety

improving the security of your neighborhood doesn’t take wandering the block with a flashlight. Simply download a security camera app that allows you to monitor your outdoor surveillance footage. Having a security camera outside your perimeter wall or in view of your front street can help enhance neighborhood safety by deterring potential intruders. There are even apps that also help neighbors communicate with each other and share surveillance footage.

Supervising Babies, Children, and Pets

In addition to the security camera benefits you get to enjoy from your surveillance system, you can also use it to supervise your kids and pets when you’re away. You can use security cameras as baby monitors, as a nanny monitor, service worker monitor or pet surveillance solution. Perhaps the most common use today, especially for hidden cameras is for supervising your newborns or toddlers as you engage yourself in other chores. You can also monitor your kids as they play in the backyard or use night vision to monitor your pets.

Documenting Life

Security cameras can help you become more aware of how you live, as well as document live’s special moments. For instance, you can record special days like birthdays, playful video moments with your kids, your computer posture, your sleeping habits, take time-lapse shots as the seasons and weather change outside and even document the evolution of your interior decor as you live in your home. Home security cameras can be a great way to easily capture great moments in and around the house, any day or even during holidays.

Keep an Eye on Your Lawn or Garden

Wondering what keeps waking you up at night in your garden? Or maybe something is wreaking havoc on your newly planted flowers? Easily get the answers by using your security cameras to keep an eye on your garden or lawn. Security cameras can benefit your garden by helping you discover whether you have a rodent, insects, pests or a stray animal problem. What matters is having your outdoor cameras strategically placed to have a sweeping view of your garden. Invest in infrared night vision, wide-angle cameras that are preferably weatherproof and vandal proof.

Buying the Best Security Cameras

Buying the Best Security Cameras

hile there are different creative ways you can use your security cameras, it’s best to invest in quality surveillance systems that can provide the level of monitoring reliability and functionality that a home or business security system needs. To enjoy the numerous security camera benefits that such systems come with, take your time to understand your surveillance needs, while also thinking of the additional ways you can use your cameras.

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