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Choosing The Right System

Choosing the Right Security Camera System

Choosing The Right System

We’re proud to have sold and supported over 50,000 security camera systems for all types of applications - from small businesses and residential properties to high-tech Fortune 500 Companies. We’re confident we can help you choose the perfect new security system for your needs.

All systems are plug & play. They’re easy to install with quick start guides and our support team is happy to assist you with any installation questions. Installing a system yourself with our help can save up to 65% of your total cost. That can mean thousands of dollars saved!

Security Camera System Types

We offer 3 types of professional security camera systems.

  • Traditional Analog CCTV Systems
    • Operates over combo RG59 / siamese cable
    • The old industry standard - some buildings are pre-wired
    • The most cost-effective type of system
    • Limited resolution during zoom
  • HD-CVI Systems
    • Operates over coaxial combo cable
    • The industry standard for new security systems
    • Cable requires a BNC connection
    • Easiest for integrating microphones
    • Excellent digital zoom capabilities
  • Network IP Systems
    • Operates over standard CAT5/6 ethernet cable
    • Easiest to install - power & video over the same cable
    • Highest possible quality video - up to 4k
    • Tends to come at the highest cost
    • Excellent digital zoom capabilities

The video recorders used in these systems are very similar in terms of functionality. Each one can be used to remotely access your cameras, even from mobile devices. The only major differences between these types are the camera technology and the type of cabling required.

Traditional CCTV over combo cable banner

Analog CCTV cameras and systems have been around for many years and were once the industry standard. If your system is several years old, there is a good chance it’s an analog system.

We have developed cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs) into new security systems compatible with this older technology! If your building comes pre-wired, you can install our cameras and recorders more easily and cost-effectively, while still enjoying modern features like remote viewing.

Cameras of these types connect to your system with a combo (video & power) cable. You can use either pre-made cable or RG59, also known as siamese cable. If you choose an analog security camera system with custom cable lengths and our siamese combo cable, we can supply you with the connections you need.

Traditional analog CCTV systems install easily - see below.

DVR using power adapter and box

A drawback of using traditional CCTV cameras is that their digital zoom capability is somewhat limited, as the video can become pixelated. This is because analog CCTV cameras are measured in lines of resolution, whereas HD-CVI and Network IP cameras are rated in megapixels (MP). 1 MP = 1 million pixels, so during zoom with HD cameras of other types, the image will remain largely intact.

Analog cameras must be used with an analog DVR.

Analog Cameras | Analog DVR Recorders

HD CVI Banner

HD-CVI, or HD over coax, is the current industry standard for new security camera systems. It delivers true high-definition video, up to 1080p over RG59 coax cable. It stands for High Definition - Composite Video Interface.

The primary advantage of HD-CVI systems is the ability to digitally zoom in during or after recording. This is especially helpful for seeing finer details like faces and license plates. Coax cable can carry a clear video feed over 1000 feet; further than ethernet cable. Microphones are also easier to integrate into HD-CVI systems.

If you choose this type of security camera system, keep in mind that pre-made cables cannot be used. The cameras receive power from either a power box or adapters using the positive/negative side of the siamese cable, while the RG59 video side requires twist-on BNC (round, twist-and-lock) connectors to be fitted onto the ends. This newer technology rivals traditional analog CCTV Systems in terms of price.

See the easy installation of HD over coax systems below.

HD CVI Security Connections

HD-CVI is a newer security system technology that is rated in megapixels (MP). They capture footage in greater detail than traditional CCTV systems. We recommend it for businesses and homes where HD video and digital zoom capability are important.

HD-CVI cameras must be used with an HD-CVI DVR.

Complete HD Systems | HD Cameras | HD DVR Recorders

Network IP HD over ethernet banner

Network IP cameras were once costly and complex. Now, these types of systems have become more affordable and mainstream. They provide very high definition quality video, beyond 1080p (4K) over standard CAT5 (Ethernet) cable. IP stands for Internet Protocol.

New IP security camera systems are easy to install by running an Ethernet cable from each camera to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) or network switch. Pre-made Ethernet cable can be used for your new IP security system. You can create runs of up to 328 feet, or even further with additional hardware. Each single Ethernet cable transmits power and video between the camera and NVR when using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or injector. We offer NVRs with built-in PoE switches to make setup easier than ever!

Network IP Security Connection

Although network IP security camera systems tend to be more expensive, they offer distinct advantages over other system types. Their tremendous digital zoom capabilities and extremely simple setup make them easy to own and operate.

Network IP Cameras must be used with an NVR.

Complete IP Systems | IP Cameras | IP NVR Recorders

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We wish you the best of luck with your new security camera system; thank you for choosing to learn from CCTV Security Pros. When you shop with us, you’re getting quality products, excellent customer service, and the best technical support in the industry!

Browse our security systems here online, or contact us to consult with a security expert who can help you choose the best security camera system for your property. Call us at 888-653-2288.

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