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Wall-Mounted Security Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Dec 1, 2020

wall mounted security cameras

You’ve decided to buy a security camera system, and now it’s time to choose what type of cameras you need. While everyone’s property, security priorities, and budget are different, you’ll definitely need to install indoor and outdoor security cameras as part of your complete surveillance monitoring system. That makes wall-mounted security cameras a must-have. Why? Correct security camera placement is one of the most crucial elements when setting up a reliable surveillance system that works as expected. Here, we’ll show you how to install wall cameras and where to place them.

Planning is Crucial

Before you install your IP or HD-over-Coax security cameras, you need to plan well in advance. It’s not only about making your installation easier but also making sure that your surveillance system has comprehensive coverage of your home or business. Start by doing a thorough assessment of your premises so you can identify vulnerable areas and critical access points. Consider which areas need camera coverage and which angles will provide the greatest vision.

Use this information to determine how many cameras you’ll need, whether they’ll require wide-angle lenses or zoom capability to see the whole picture, and if they’ll need more powerful infrared night vision to see further than 100 feet in complete darkness. Consider how many cameras may be attached to ceilings or eaves vs mounted to the walls.

Whether you want to install cameras in your business, home, or other property, wall-mounted security cameras will likely be an essential part of your indoor and outdoor surveillance solution. If you’re choosing to install cameras on your walls, be sure to order wall mount brackets compatible with your cameras.

Where to Place Wall-Mounted Surveillance Cameras

Ideal placement depends on your property and security needs. Focus on areas of interest such as the front/entry doors, back/side doors, perimeter walls, garage/driveway, and yard areas for outdoor surveillance in homes. For indoor spaces, think of common living areas and main stairways or hallways - don’t install cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms for privacy purposes.

For businesses or commercial properties, focus on installing wall-mounted security cameras at all entry and exit points, parking lots, common public areas, service points, and other areas of interest, except private areas like washrooms or changing rooms. Ensure cameras cover all vulnerable points like windows, backyards, gates, perimeter walls, and blind spots like corners.

How to Install Wall-Mounted CCTV Cameras

Once you’ve identified areas where you want to install wall-mounted cameras, you need to strategize how you’ll place them to cover the intended areas.

Outdoor Installation Tips

  • Install your wall-mounted surveillance cameras at least 8-10 feet from the ground to ensure broad coverage and keep your cameras out of reach from vandals.
  • Avoid positioning your wall-mounted security cameras in the direction of the sun at any time of day. The bright light may cause glare that could compromise the viability of your footage.
  • Decide whether you want visible cameras for greater crime deterrence or hidden/out of view cameras that can monitor more discreetly.
  • Choose outdoor security cameras that are weatherproof and vandal-proof to protect against the elements and potential vandals.
  • If you’re using wireless security cameras, check the WiFi connection strength to ensure you have a strong signal for reliable surveillance monitoring.
  • Make sure you know your state, county, and local surveillance laws for outdoor surveillance. Don’t point your wall-mounted security cameras to the neighbor’s property - that may be considered an invasion of privacy.
  • Get security cameras with long-range infrared night vision and motion detection for enhanced security both day and night.

Indoor Installation Tips

 indoor dome camera

  • Consider installing your wall-mounted cameras in high corners so you can enjoy the widest possible vantage point.
  • Look out for windows as they can cause reflection issues - washed out or whited out video footage is a sign you have a reflection problem.
  • Avoid direct light from lighting fixtures and windows where direct sunlight may come through, as this could wash out your video footage.

Buy and Install Wall-Mounted Security Cameras

Wall-mounted cameras are some of the most versatile surveillance monitoring solutions for businesses and homes. Remember that wall-mounted cameras are best installed at a downward angle and out of reach. Use multiple cameras to cover blind spots. Buy professional-grade 1080 HD and 4K Ultra HD security cameras at CCTV Security Pros.

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