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CCTV Cameras for Buildings

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Feb 5, 2021

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CCTV security cameras are critical for securing any building premises. They effectively deter and even prevent crime. And when the worst happens, they provide property owners with irrefutable evidence. If you’re concerned about protecting your residential or commercial building, security cameras and systems are an excellent solution.

Modern CCTV security technology has made it easier than ever before to protect property. But with so many security cameras to choose from, it’s vital to know what to consider to ensure maximum effectiveness and dependable security.

What to Look For

Before choosing security cameras for your building, there are a few things you should look for to ensure you’re getting the right cameras for your surveillance monitoring application. Start by asking yourself some of these critical questions:

  • Do you want to identify people in low light conditions and total darkness with ease? Then you need infrared night vision security cameras for your building.
  • Where will you be mounting the security cameras? If it’s indoors, you need HD cameras. For outdoor surveillance, you need long-range high-definition cameras with weatherproofing and vandal-proof housing.
  • Do you want to cover wider building areas like parking lots or warehouses? You need wide-angle security cameras with extra features like pan-tilt-zoom for better coverage.
  • What recording resolution best suits your building surveillance monitoring needs? Opt for at least 1080p or even the top-of-the-range 4K Ultra HD for unparalleled image and video quality.
  • Do I need vandal-proof and weatherproof building security cameras? Of course, to ensure extra peace of mind and to protect your security cameras from the elements and potential vandalism.
  • How easily can I set up remote camera viewing? Remote viewing enables you to enjoy live video footage and recorded video from your PC, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere, anytime.
  • How much storage space do you need for your video recordings? This will depend on whether you want 24/7 video recording or motion-activated recording, and of course, video resolution. 4K security cameras will need more space for recording than lower-resolution cameras.

Choosing the Right Cameras for Your Application

There are different types of building security cameras to choose from. Based on the questions discussed above, ask yourself what type of security cameras would best your surveillance monitoring needs. There are two main security options:

  • IP network security camera solutions - This is the most popular and effective surveillance solution for businesses and property owners looking for the gold standard in video surveillance. It offers unbeatable quality with top-range 1080p to 4K resolution.
  • HD CCTV security camera solutions - This is also an excellent choice for buildings that already have an analog surveillance infrastructure in place. It’s also more cost-effective and delivers superior performance with 1080p resolution.

When choosing the best building security camera solution, you’ll also need to choose the best security cameras to mix and match to meet your monitoring needs and create a complete custom surveillance system that provides comprehensive coverage. You have to choose between:

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Ensure You Have Everything You Need

Security cameras alone are not enough to ensure comprehensive security for your building. First, you need to ensure that the security cameras you choose have the right features you need and then create a complete security system. Some of the most important features include:

  • Clear 1080p or 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Long-range night vision
  • IP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal-proof rating
  • Motion detection
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • Wide-dynamic range
  • ONVIF 3rd Party Supported
  • PC software and smartphone app

Of course, you’ll also have to ask yourself how you’ll be recording your security camera footage. For IP security cameras, you’ll need an IP network video recorder. For HD-over-coax cameras, you’ll need a digital video recorder. You can also opt for complete security systems that come with everything you need for setup, including every wire and monitor.

Shop Building Security Cameras

Security cameras and systems have come a long way over the last two decades. Today, property owners have more options than ever before. If you’re looking to buy new security cameras for your building or considering upgrading your existing security system, get started at CCTV Security Pros. We’re a trusted brand by 60,000+ customers.

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