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Choosing the Best Security Camera Housing

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Aug 15, 2019

Security camera housings

Security camera housings have become a critical part of preventing the rapid deterioration and premature replacement of security cameras and lenses, especially in outdoor applications. Proper protection is vital to ensure that your security cameras perform effectively and last a long time. The right housing provides reliable weatherproof and vandal-proof protection for your cameras.

CCTV enclosures offer a variety of features that make it easy for you to make the best out of your surveillance technology. Whether you want to protect your indoor or outdoor security cameras, knowing how to choose  the right type of housing is vital. Here’s what to look out for:

Rugged Construction

When choosing a security camera housing, you’ll want to choose heavy-duty housing that’s constructed entirely from industrial stainless steel or aluminum housing. Look out for a high level of quality and refined design that allows for easy installation and maintenance of security cameras. The right housing should provide a high internal useful area and access to the camera and lens from a working position. Rugged construction ensures reliability in all conditions.

Weatherproof and Vandal-Proof Rating

Depending on your surveillance applications, it’s important to ensure that you get the best weatherproof and vandal-proof rating for your CCTV enclosure. For outdoor cameras that are constantly exposed to external elements like rain, snow, ice, windy conditions, dirt and dust, acids, debris, salt sprays, condensing humidity, and industrial chemicals, opt for security camera housings with IP66/IP67 weatherproof rating to ensure maximum protection.

Heating and Blowing Features

When selecting the right housing for your cameras that operate in extreme temperatures, you should consider having  heating and blowing features. Having internal heating, blowing, or cooling features makes camera operation a breeze even in the hottest and harshest environments, where standard aluminum and plastic enclosures would be quickly damaged by corrosive and heat agents, especially in commercial indoor and outdoor installations.

Such security camera housing comes equipped with:

  • A cooling tube on the back of the camera that blows cold air inside the security camera housing 
  • Multiple exhausting valves on the front housing cover 
  • Air nozzle to cool down and keep clean the housing glass from dust and dirt

Movable Mounting Options

Outdoor security camera housing

CCTV enclosures cannot be effective if they can’t be mounted easily. When choosing a camera housing for your professional box cameras, bullet cameras, or dome cameras, you should consider the type of mounting equipment provided. Look for housings that are fitted with strong brackets with a swivel, both constructed of heavy-duty material like stainless steel to ensure durability. For pan-tilt-zoom cameras, you should opt for movable mounting brackets.

Buy Security Camera Housings

Security camera enclosures protect your investments by deterring tampering, weather-related damage, or vandalism. If you’re looking for indoor or outdoor security camera housings for your surveillance cameras,  call CCTV Security Pros and we’ll help you choose the right CCTV enclosure. Shop standard professional security camera housings and brackets or enclosures with heating and blowing features today.