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Features of the Best 4k Security Camera Systems

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Sep 18, 2020

The best 4K security camera systems are state-of-the-art in surveillance technology. At 3840 x 2160, 4K resolution delivers about four times the video clarity as 1920 x 1080 HD. These cameras are already in use for their crystal-clear quality, able to capture sharp details such as faces and license plates at great distances.

But the advance of technology has brought improvements to these cameras in more ways than one. See our list of the top features of 4K surveillance camera systems.


Exceptional Video Clarity

With advanced 8MP image sensors, 4K IP security camera systems provide exceptional video clarity, making it easy to get evidence such as license plates, a clear picture of human faces, clothing colors, and more when there’s an incident. The large image sensors allow the 4K security cameras to capture more light, improving color, contrast, and low-light performance day or night.

Superior Digital Zoom

Due to the higher number of pixels when compared to 1080p and 720p security systems, the best 4K security camera systems offer superior digital zooming capabilities. This allows you to zoom in further into images while maintaining crisp details so you can identify facial features and other useful evidence at a much greater distance.

Wide-Angle Viewing

4K security systems feature wide-angle 2.8mm fixed lenses that enable you to monitor wider and large areas at a minimal cost. That means you can use fewer cameras to cover large, open areas. For instance, if you want to monitor a parking lot, one or two 4K security cameras are enough to enjoy a better field of view.

Powerful Infrared Night Vision

The best 4K security camera systems come with powerful infrared night vision for clear viewing in total darkness, both indoors and outdoors. Infrared illuminators automatically activate in dark lighting conditions to make for a seamless transition between times of day and all lighting conditions.

Weatherproof and Vandal-proof Design

4K surveillance camera systems are widely used outdoors, which means exposure to different weather elements and vandalism risk. The best 4K security camera systems are fitted with professional-grade weatherproofing and a vandal-proof design that offers the level of protection needed to ensure uninterrupted video surveillance in any conditions and even in high-risk areas.

Remote Viewing 

4K IP security camera systems allow you to remotely view your cameras' live video footage from anywhere, anytime via your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Many providers charge ongoing fees for this service, but you can secure it for absolutely free with cameras and software by CCTV Security Pros.

Simple Plug-and-Play Installation

The best 4K security camera systems are designed with ease of installation in mind. Complete systems include everything needed for setup, including every wire and monitor, so you can get started with your surveillance monitoring. These IP security systems rely on Power-over-Ethernet technology, which ensures simple plug-and-play installation. 

Advanced Video Analytics

The latest 4K security camera systems come with commercial-grade network video recorders that feature video analytics for smart event detection. This helps minimize false motion detection alerts. 4K smart camera systems provide a greater sense of security. Select 4K NVRs also feature H.265 video compression for more efficient video storage.

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Shop the Best 4K Security Camera Systems

As security surveillance needs increase for property owners and businesses, it’s best to invest in the latest surveillance solutions. 4K security camera systems offer just that. CCTV Security Pros provides new 4K systems for 2020, so you can choose the right system to fit your needs. Over 60,000 customers trust us, and our products are among the industry's best. 

Customers can get a custom-grade system tailored to their property and install themselves with our help to save thousands in installation costs. We offer free shipping, a 3-year warranty, and unlimited USA-based support over the product’s life.

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