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Internal vs. External Security Threats to Businesses

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on May 17, 2018

The job of a business owner or manager is to protect company assets from all kinds of places. That includes external security threats, such as theft and robbery, as well as internal theft from unscrupulous employees.

So of the two threats, which should business owners be most concerned about? The latest statistics from the National Retail Federation on the national source of inventory shrinkage show that there are no types of crime that business owners can safely overlook.


Although we all like to think that we hire good, trustworthy people, we statistically lose nearly as much or more from them as any other single source. The most effective solution is a comprehensive security camera system capable of monitoring customers and employees.

Top Features of a Commercial-Grade Surveillance System

  • 4 Megapixel Camera Quality Minimum
  • Multiple Cameras for Comprehensive Coverage
  • Remote Viewing & Playback Via Mobile Devices

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A Detailed Look at Internal vs. External Threats

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Internal Business Threats

A lot of attention is given to external threats that businesses face through identification, authentication, encryption and a variety of software and hardware security systems. Yet, little attention is directed towards internal threats that can easily become real threats to an organization. Here are some of the most commonly overlooked internal threats that your business should protect against.

Untrustworthy Employees

Internal threats are one of the biggest threats to businesses. Considering that employees have direct access to your business data, systems and hardware, the possibility of dealing with internal theft cases that involve data and even equipment should never be taken lightly. Untrustworthy or disgruntled employees are particularly a great risk. You can mitigate such risks by installing a full-proof business security system that includes surveillance camera systems that help you monitor your employees at important areas like point-of-sale locations, safes, server rooms, or stockrooms.

When combined with other business security systems that control and manage access to privileged credentials or data, surveillance systems can help you increase your threat detection level. Any smart business should implement security protocols and set up infrastructure like surveillance systems to monitor, track, log and record anything that happens within and outside the business premises, as a way to stay on top of both internal and external security threats. Employee management procedures should also be in place to help identify internal threats.

Internal Business Data Theft

Every year, there are cases of high profile data loss, many of which involve stolen laptops and flash disks within an organization or even during business-related events. If it happens in major government organizations and even hospitals that have established rules on handling such cases, why shouldn’t it happen to your business? Laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and other devices are entrusted to employees with the most sensitive information about the organization.

Considering that these devices contain critical company documents and data, unauthorized access could be damaging to your business. Yet, this happens more often than you would think. Your laptops or mobile phones could be stolen, so having a surveillance system in place that monitors your employees with footage available for later review is recommended to catch internal theft cases that may compromise your business data.

Attacks on Physical Business Systems

Attacks on Physical Business Systems

Many businesses overlook the importance of securing their physical network and server room to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access. In fact, most cybersecurity threats result from the failure of businesses to protect critical physical business systems. Open network points and unprotected server rooms can easily allow an unscrupulous employee or even a visitor to gain physical access to your network or server room and launch an attack to steal passwords, content and even interrupt traffic or operations.

Having a security camera system that monitors all critical physical business systems 24/7 is a major priority for any business. Surveillance videos can be played back to verify who was in the server room and whether they had authorization and other details. Just like protecting your business against internal theft cases, having the ability to monitor your physical network and server systems is critical if you want to avoid damaging attacks.

External Business Threats

As a business owner, your goal is to ensure that your employees are not only comfortable but also safe inside and outside your workplace. Protecting your business, employees, resources and other critical assets against any external threats is vital to achieving this. Here are some of the most common types of external physical threats that you should protect against:

Theft and Burglary Cases

This is perhaps the biggest external security threat that small and medium-sized businesses face today. While these types of threats are commonly reported, they are the easiest to protect against. As a business owner, never underestimate how much theft or burglary can impede the progress of your business. Robbers can attack your premises and get away with money, critical hardware like laptops and mobile phones or even servers.

It’s important to have a close look at the different areas where you’re vulnerable as a business and take the necessary measures to secure those areas. For instance, installing commercial-grade security cameras around your business premises, in areas like your storefront, parking lot, warehouse areas, customer desk, the point of sale desk and other critical areas can help you monitor anyone who comes into your business or gets into your premises unauthorized. This is not only a good external security measure, but it also helps prevent internal theft cases.


The deliberate destruction, damage or defacement of your business property can be damaging to your business and even derail operations. A person who can get into your business parking lot could damage cars, break windows or even damage critical equipment or your property.

With the proper measures, including having physical security in terms of guards and a security camera system to help monitor your business premises at any given time can decrease the risk of property damage tenfold. Vandalism can be a great threat, especially if it’s used to deliver a message like in the form of graffiti or another medium. The key to preventing vandalism rests in having really strong and effective perimeter security, supported by reliable surveillance.


Assault is often a complicated form of external threat to your business. Your employees could be assaulted outside your premises. Any form of assault that happens both within and outside your business property should be taken very seriously, as it will likely impact your business in one way or another. Take into account such cases so you can know how to counter them. Assaults can stem from disgruntled customers or even employees.

One of the best ways to counter such threats is to keep a close eye on your employee and customer interactions, as well as visitors. Security camera systems both inside and outside your business can help you notice any behavior that’s threatening or out of the ordinary. With surveillance video records, you can consult authorities to report cases of assault. Taking the necessary steps to boost the external security measures around you is advisable.

Measures You Should Take as a Business

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From internal theft, attacks on physical business systems to vandalism and assault, the threats that businesses face are real. Knowing what steps to take to negate the effects of any security threats is critical. To help bolster your internal and external physical security:

  • Pay close attention to access and control protocols within the organization
  • Pay close attention to all entrance and exit points of your business
  • Assess the security measures you have in place and upgrade equipment like locks
  • Utilize business surveillance systems and alarms at the most vulnerable points
  • Take time to layer your entire security measures to give you better overall security
  • Don’t neglect to implement safety plans in case there’s a security breach

Securing Your Business

Internal and external security threats are part of any operating business today. Smart businesses take preventative measures to combat any threats like internal theft. If it means investing in a professional-grade security camera system to secure your business against some of the threats discussed above, take the steps you need to. At CCTV Security Pros, we supply commercial-grade security systems that are designed to keep your business secure.

To take the next steps in securing your business from threats of all types, please contact us to speak with a security expert.