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ONVIF Security Camera Compliance | CCTV Security Pros

Sep 28, 2023

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How do you know if a security camera will support the features you need? One important factor to look for when shopping for a security camera is ONVIF compliance.

ONVIF is one of the leading standards in network video surveillance, and ONVIF compliance ensures cameras meet certain standards for quality and interoperability. Here are four things you should know about ONVIF compliance and how to select the best ONVIF cameras.

What Does ONVIF Camera Compliance Mean?

ONVIF is an open standard protocol for IP-based security cameras and systems. This means that:

  • Products compliant with ONVIF standards can work together, regardless of brand. This helps to simplify installation and reduce costs by allowing customers to mix and match different products from different manufacturers.
  • ONVIF security cameras that are compliant are interoperable with third-party software and applications. This gives customers more flexibility in choosing the best solutions for their needs. For example, a customer may want to use their own video management software instead of the one provided by the camera manufacturer. With an ONVIF-compliant camera, they can easily do this without significant compatibility issues.
  • ONVIF compliance allows easy integration with other security systems, such as access control and intrusion detection. This helps to create a more comprehensive security solution tailored to the customer's specific needs.
  • ONVIF security cameras have undergone rigorous testing to ensure quality and reliability. This means that customers can be confident that they are getting a high-quality product that will meet their needs.

How Do I Know if My Camera is Compliant?

The best way to determine if your camera is compliant is to check with the manufacturer. Most companies selling ONVIF-compliant cameras will prominently list this information on their website or product packaging. You can also check the ONVIF website itself. They maintain a list of all products certified as compliant with their standards.

When shopping for a security camera, always look for the ONVIF logo to be sure that the product complies with industry standards. Additionally, you should know different ONVIF compliance profiles for the best ONVIF IP cameras and NVR recorders.

ONVIF Profile S for Streaming Video ONVIF Profile C for Access control ONVIF Profile G for Recording and Storage ONVIF Profile Profile Q for Quick Installation
  • Video streaming
  • Audio streaming
  • PTZ Controls
  • Video settings
  • Site information
  • Event and alarm
  • Door access control
  • Video and audio storage
  • Configure, request, and control recording
  • Receive metadata
  • Plug-n-play compatible supports
  • discovery
  • configuration
  • control of compatible devices

Why Understanding ONVIF Profiles Matters

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Any ONVIF-compliant security camera will record, but cameras with certain features may not translate. A lot of it is based on the ONVIF profile under which the cameras you want to buy falls. Some cameras may not be able to record on detection. Others like ONVIF G and ONVIF S may have two-way audio and facial recognition capabilities but lack other features. Each ONVIF profile has a different purpose and function.

In most cases, all the features will work. But it's advisable to call the security camera manufacturer to help you find what's compatible. Because ONVIF is an open standard, many manufacturers make ONVIF-compliant security cameras. That's both good and bad. The good news is that there are lots of choices when it comes to ONVIF cameras. The bad news is that selecting the best ONVIF camera for your needs can be hard.

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