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Smart Security Camera Features | CCTV Security Pros

Apr 12, 2023

surveillance camera and illuminated light under a blue sky

Smart security cameras are an excellent way to effectively and conveniently keep your property safe. Smart features make security camera systems easier to monitor and manage than ever before. Here are ten of the best smart security camera features to look for when it’s time to install or upgrade your system.

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1. Remote Video Monitoring

One key feature of the best smart security cameras is the ability to view a live feed of what's going on at your home or business no matter where you are. Remote video monitoring is especially convenient if you're away on vacation or traveling for work and want to check in to ensure everything is okay. Most of our smart security camera systems will allow you to view the feed through a mobile app or PC software, giving you peace of mind.

2. Two-Way Audio Communication

Some security cameras come with two-way audio, which means you can see and hear what's going on, as well as talk to whoever is there through the camera. This smart security camera feature can be useful if you want to warn off a potential burglar or check in with a family member who's home alone. Again, this feature will usually be available through a mobile app, so be sure to check before making your purchase. Two-way audio is a great feature for entrances and exits.

3. Motion Detection Alerts

Many smart CCTV cameras come with motion detection alerts, which means you'll get a notification on your phone whenever the camera detects movement. Motion-activated cameras can help you keep track of activity around your home or business and know when someone is coming or going. This smart security camera feature allows you to set custom email and phone alerts so you can be notified when someone comes into a specific area, like your backyard or front porch.

4. Smart Recording and Playback

The best smart security cameras will allow you to record and playback video footage right from your phone, tablet, or computer. That makes it easy to find the footage of an incident, save it to your device, and send it to the police if needed. This feature is also useful for monitoring activity over time and checking in on loved ones. Be sure to check how long the recordings are stored and whether they're automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. You'll want a smart security camera system with software that makes it easy to find and playback recorded video.

5. Active Deterrence Cameras

Some smart security cameras have features to help deter any unwanted events before they occur. These cameras are known as active deterrence cameras. Some features they offer include; motion alarms, two-way audio communication, and spotlight mode. Many of these cameras have built-in spotlights or white lights for full color at night without the need to rely on the black-and-white video produced by standard infrared cameras. Some of these cameras can also activate a strobe light effect when motion is activated.

Cameras with built-in spotlights or white LED lights are able to provide full color at night. Most of these features can be controlled directly from a smartphone. Active deterrence cameras can prove very useful for many applications.

6. Starlight - Low Light Performance

Some security cameras have trouble with recording in low light conditions, but our smart security cameras have low light illumination technology to see images and colors more clearly in dark environments. That means our cameras can see in areas with very little light or ambient light. This is a great feature for nighttime security or any area around your business or property where there is some ambient light. If no light is available, the cameras can see in complete darkness in black and white using infrared illumination

7. Advanced Video Analytics

This feature is becoming more common in smart security cameras. It allows camera systems to use algorithms to detect specific events, like a person entering a room or a car driving by. This can help reduce false alerts and notifications and catch important events that you might otherwise miss. The benefits of this feature will vary depending on the camera and how it's been configured.

8. Long-Range Infrared Night Vision

surveillance camera and illuminated light under a blue sky

Most security cameras have a limited night vision range. Be sure that your cameras are able to observe their entire viewing area in complete darkness. Some of the best smart security cameras, such as our SureVision systems, come standard with low light illumination and infrared night vision of 100 feet or more, even in complete darkness. If you need longer-range night vision for your smart security camera system, check out some of our cameras that have more powerful motorized adjustable lenses or PTZ cameras.

9. Easy DIY Installation and Integration

If you're looking for smart security cameras to add to an existing system, check for compatibility before purchasing. Our cameras are ONVIF compliant, meaning they can be integrated with many of the most popular security systems. However, getting our complete security camera systems can provide you with the best possible security with full-feature functionality for your home or business.

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When shopping for the best smart security cameras, there are many different features to consider depending on your needs and budget. But some features are more important than others, like remote viewing, two-way audio, motion detection alerts, night vision, and easy installation. Keep these factors in mind when shopping around so you can find the perfect camera for your home security needs.

At CCTV Security Pros, we offer a wide range of smart security cameras to suit any need and budget. Our cameras come with many of the features listed above for ultimate convenience and automatic operation. Our team can help you find the perfect camera for your home or business. Call 888.653.2288 to speak with a security expert.