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Solutions for CCTV Flickering Problems

Sep 12, 2023

cctv flickering problem

Experiencing flickering issues with your security cameras? If so, you are not the first person. Security camera owners run into this issue from time to time. The good news is that we have some simple potential solutions for you if you run across this “flickering” issue.

Here, we’ll cover possible solutions for CCTV flickering problems as well as the risks associated with these problems. First, we’ll address the potential causes of flickering in CCTV cameras and systems and then discuss the best ways to fix the issue.

Why Your CCTV Cameras Could be Flickering

1. Power Issues

First, check the power supply to make sure it is supplying the correct voltage that the camera needs. For example, a high-end infrared or PTZ camera will generally require more voltage or milliamps than a standard camera. Make sure the correct power supply is being used. If it does not meet the camera's requirements then flicker issues may occur. For example, do not use a 200mA power supply for a camera that needs 500 or 100 milliamps. Different cameras require different voltages. Consider testing the camera that is flickering with a different power supply.

2. Video Interference

If you have any electronic wireless devices, Bluetooth devices, fluorescent lights, or RFID systems located near the camera(s), that sometimes could interfere with older cameras and recorders causing CCTV flickering problems. Possibly try to shield the security camera or move it away from the source of interference.

3. Bad Cables or Connections

Did you use quality cables when you installed your system? How old are your cables? Could your connectors have failed or rusted? Are you now using higher-definition cameras than you did in the past? Any of these circumstances could be why your CCTV cameras are flickering.

Be sure you have solid connections and that they are connected tightly. Bad cables can cause flickering issues. Try a new cable.

4. Bad Camera or Recorder Components

There are many security camera manufacturers. Some manufacturers are not reliable and simply do not use the highest quality components. Components include lenses, image sensors, housings, or any other parts that are used in the manufacturing process. If these components are faulty, so is the camera. You could test a camera by plugging it into a different wire that does not have a CCTV flickering problem.

5. Check Camera Settings

Some specialty cameras have their own settings. Consider cameras that you may have changed shutter speed or frame rates. A low frame rate can cause flickering. Consider also adjusting the brightness and contrast of the camera to see if that addresses the issue.

6. Old or Faulty Monitor

If you have an older monitor, this could be causing the flickering. The best thing to do is to connect a working monitor to your system and see if that solves the problem.

8. Firmware Upgrades

Are you using the most current firmware? Sometimes companies will make continuous improvements to their firmware to enhance performance. It never hurts to check if you have an old camera or recorder that has not been updated.

The Risks of Flickering Security Cameras

CCTV flickering problems carry risks. Loss of video footage is never a good thing. You do not want to lose footage at the most important times. Poor image quality is also a concern. If your cameras are flickering you may not be able to make out specific and important details if an incident does occur.

Flickering can also impact the way you capture movement and activity. Consider the risks of a potential security breach. If someone has access to your system and notices that your cameras are flickering, they may target you.

 old security camera that needs replacing

When to Consider Upgrading Your Security Camera

Sometimes instead of attempting to fix ineffective or older equipment, it is best to upgrade to a new surveillance system. New surveillance systems are clearer with higher definitions and the latest and greatest features.

These days, we recommend IP security camera systems - in particular our SureVision Security Camera Line. IP systems are connected easily with CAT5 or CAT6 cables. They are simple and easy to install. Simply snap the CAT5 cable into the camera. If you can run a cable to each camera from the recorder you can do it yourself and save thousands.

Consider SureVision by CCTV Security Pros

Our SureVision Security Camera Systems are top-of-the-line in terms of quality and performance. SureVision is also NDAA authorized and can be used in all types of installations including government. SureVision is perhaps the most professional and easy-to-use system on the market. Once you set it up you will never pay a monthly fee. Our cell phone app is 100% easy to use and free. View live or review video right from your phone.

Browse SureVision Cameras

surevision cctv monitors

One thing is for “sure”. SureVision security cameras and systems do not flicker and should never have CCTV flickering problems. Our systems are also covered by our warranty. SureVision is a top-quality complete security camera solution that you can count on now and for the years to come.

Talk to a Security Camera Expert

As always if you need any help or assistance choosing the best system for your needs, call us at 888 653-2288. One of our Pros will be happy to assist you. We might be able to help determine why your CCTV cameras are flickering, but we can definitely help set you up with a new quality system that you know will work well year after year.

All our systems come with a 3-year warranty and a FULL money-back satisfaction guarantee. Over the last 15 years, we have sold and supported over 70,000 surveillance systems. We hope to work with you on your installation.