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The Best CCTV Camera Brands

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Feb 10, 2020

The capabilities of CCTV cameras are quickly improving. We’ve seen tremendous advances in video resolution, infrared night vision capabilities, Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, activity notifications, and remote mobile access in even just the last few years. Whether you want to enhance your security capabilities or reduce theft and shrinkage in your business, you’ll need to buy the right security cameras - and that also means choosing the best CCTV camera brand.

If you’re just getting started with surveillance cameras or want to upgrade your existing surveillance system, searching for the ideal security camera brand online can be a bit confusing, especially with so many brands to choose from. See the top modern security camera brands with insights on which will provide the best value for your dollar.

 CCTV Security Pros logo

CCTV Security Pros

CCTV Security Pros is one of the top security camera brands in the USA. Their equipment is in use at 60,000+ businesses, homes, and government facilities. Their systems offer simple plug-and-play installation, superior indoor and durable outdoor use, and feature infrared night vision recording of 100ft or more in complete darkness. While their prices are on the high side, they only carry commercial-grade security cameras - making them one of the best CCTV camera brands in the market today. With resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, each camera is as good or better than those of any other supplier.

One of the most significant aspects of complete security systems by CCTV Security Pros is remote viewing accessibility. Live or recorded footage can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere, any time with no monthly fee. As an industry leader, they also offer reliable and free unlimited USA tech support over the life of their products. Property owners can save thousands by installing their simple systems with their remote support instead of hiring installers from an outside group.



Hikvision is an established security camera manufacturer. Their products feature top-of-the-line camera lenses with NVR and high-definition features. Catering to a global market, they’re among the best CCTV camera brands available.

They are a comprehensive security company, with products and services that include video intercom systems and cybersecurity. Their target market ranges from homeowners to large corporations looking for a comprehensive security solution.

Their CCTV systems feature up-to-date surveillance technology and are often top choices for homeowners. You can choose from a wide range of camera types with Hikvision systems.

Swann logo


Swann is an Australian-based security camera brand that sells surveillance products around the world. Their products are used widely in homes and businesses. Swann offers a wide range of options, from basic two-camera systems with limited features for monitoring indoor spaces to advanced security systems with multiple cameras for all-around property monitoring.

They’re one of the best CCTV camera brands for easy-to-use wireless security cameras. They’re well established in the DIY home security system market and offer a wide selection of high-quality cameras that work with Google Assistant or Alexa - perfect for smart homeowners.

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Lorex provides quality security products and great value to homeowners. They offer a variety of top-class security cameras and complete systems with features like 4K Ultra HD resolution and even color night vision with some of their security cameras.

Their products include 4K security systems, wireless systems, wire-free systems, and WiFi smart security cameras. They offer a wide selection of multi-camera surveillance systems that are easily scalable to fit your needs.

The Best CCTV Camera Brand: CCTV Security Pros

  • A trusted brand in use at 60,000+ locations
  • Industry-best video quality
  • Cameras and systems are easy to set up - plug & play installation
  • Remote mobile viewing via smartphones, tablets, and PCs with no monthly fee
  • Remote viewing is easy to set up by scanning a QR code on the camera with a smartphone
  • Unlimited USA-based support
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days with no restocking fees
  • Systems include everything needed for setup, including every wire and monitor
  • Professional service representatives are available for excellent support
  • Night vision cameras with infrared LED illuminators
  • Customers get a beautiful Quickstart Guide in English with HQ photos

If you’re looking for the best CCTV camera brands, start with CCTV Security Pros. If you need help selecting a reliable security camera brand or customizing a security system for your monitoring needs, call 888.653.2288 or contact us online to speak with a security expert. Get started with the top security camera brand online now!