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Top Business Surveillance Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jun 29, 2019

Top Business Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are an essential security aspect for businesses across a number of industries. The ability to have eyes on your assets, staff, and operations with remote viewing right from your mobile device is an invaluable business tool.

With so many types of security systems in the market, choosing the right one to fit your business security monitoring needs can be a challenge. Every business surveillance camera system comes with its own features and functionalities to fill separate requirements. Depending on your security needs, you will have a few options to choose the perfect security system.

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Further on, we’ll discuss the most important business surveillance camera features to look for, which types of cameras are the most cost-effective for your business, and the specific types of security cameras that you can choose:

Must-Have Features

High-Definition Resolution

Most business owners invest in commercial-grade security cameras and systems so they can reliably monitor the safety and security of their business. After all, recent statistics have shown that installing security systems can reduce business-related crimes by up to 50%. But not all cameras are created equal.

Some security cameras come with resolutions of 1080p, 1440p, and even 4K. The “p” stands for “pixels” — the more pixels that a business surveillance camera has, the more detailed the image it produces. Lower resolution cameras will produce blurry images while those with at least 1080p and above will capture crystal clear images and enable you to view clear footage.

If you’re buying a new security camera system or want to upgrade from an analog system, you need to pay attention to the resolution of the cameras you choose. While 1080p has been the gold standard in the surveillance industry, 4K is quickly becoming the new norm. Investing in the highest resolution cameras you can afford ensures you can see all the relevant details when reviewing security recordings, such as faces and license plates.

Motion Sensors

Keeping an eye on every part of your business is not easy. Some areas may not see frequent traffic, such as storerooms, emergency staircases, back alleys, parking lots, and areas near your perimeter fence. These are areas you want to monitor and capture the times when someone is there. Motion sensors are a must-have feature for this.

Buying business surveillance cameras with motion sensors means that your cameras can record when any motion is detected in specific areas you identify for 24/7 surveillance monitoring. This feature is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and allows you to enjoy reliable security for your business without the hassle of employing security guards.

Infrared Night Vision and Low-Light Capabilities

Another key feature in business surveillance camera systems is infrared night vision. Considering that most business-related crimes happen at night, it’s wise to invest in security cameras that come with night vision capabilities. The best security cameras will offer long-range night vision so you can get the details you need in case of an incident.

Low-light capability is also vital as most business areas are low lit, with outdoor areas even less likely to have sufficient light conditions. Proper lighting is vital to ensure your business surveillance cameras are able to record normally. Cameras with low-light, infrared, and light filtering capabilities will capture images regardless of how much natural light is available.

Tamper Prevention and Detection

There’s no point investing in security cameras if they’re easy to interfere with. When buying security cameras for your business, look for those that come equipped with tamper prevention and detection. This means that the housing should be vandal-proof so that your cameras can withstand any significant hits and still operate.

Tamper prevention features ensure that an alarm can be activated and you can be notified via alerts on your smartphone or PC when someone tries to tamper with the camera by cutting wires, blocking the lens, or disabling it. By knowing the moment your business surveillance cameras are tampered with, you can take swift action to respond or investigate further.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Feature

Whether you’re a small or large business, choosing security cameras that come with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) feature gives you more control over what your surveillance monitoring needs. The PTZ feature allows you to remotely control your cameras by moving them side to side (pan), changing the camera angle for a better view (tilt), and zooming in or out to focus on a person or object for security monitoring purposes.

Business surveillance camera systems with this feature cover a much wider area than fixed-angle security cameras. This means you don’t have to install multiple security cameras to cover a large area but can use a PTZ camera to meet your surveillance needs with ease. Even better, with cameras by CCTV Security Pros, you can easily control the PTZ feature right from your phone and keep a close eye on your business operations and property.

Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Security Cameras

In addition to features like weatherproofing and wide-angle viewing, another key factor to consider when choosing business surveillance cameras is cost effectiveness. IP security cameras that offer simple plug-and-play setup are the leading choice for most businesses, but HD-CVI security cameras are also a great option for businesses interested in upgrading from analog to HD-capable security systems.

What matters most when choosing cost-effective security systems is opting for free remote viewing systems that allow you to view live footage on your PC, smartphone, or tablet anywhere and at any time — at no monthly cost. Free installation support is also critical so you can save thousands of dollars in installation costs.

Finally, ensure that you your business chooses customizable business surveillance cameras and complete systems so you can easily scale without overwhelming additional investment.

Types of Business Security Cameras

Security Cameras with Local Storage

There are different types of security cameras for businesses, including box cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, bullet cameras, IP cameras, day/night cameras, wireless cameras, and thermal cameras. However, the most widely used are dome and bullet cameras. Let’s have a look at both types in this short guide:

Dome Security Cameras Bullet Security Cameras
  • Dome-shaped camera housing
  • Well-suited for environments that get dirty like warehouses
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Aesthetically pleasing and compact in appearance
  • Available with night vision, motion detection, vandal-proof, wide-angle viewing, and PTZ features
  • Widely used in retail stores, malls, banking halls, hotels, and other open areas like need wide-angle viewing
  • Perfect for discreet surveillance as onlookers can’t tell which way the security camera is facing
  • Easy installation on ceilings
  • Bullet-style housing
  • High-quality image resolution with the latest cameras
  • Sealed enclosure that is both vandal proof and weatherproof makes it ideal for outdoor surveillance
  • Small surveillance footprint
  • Perfect for low-light monitoring
  • Highly visible which provides a good deterrent to intruders
  • Fixed focus view for monitoring entry and exit points
  • Night vision, motion detection, vandal-proof, and other features
  • Easy to mount on walls and ceilings both indoors and outdoors

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