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Using Security Cameras With No WiFi

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Sep 11, 2023

Cameras with no Wifi

Well, you know how most security cameras are WiFi-based, right? However, sometimes you'll find that's not the most convenient choice. Maybe the cameras need to be too far from an access point, or the building's structure results in a weak WiFi signal. In these settings, you might want to consider cameras that don't demand WiFi.

So you're probably thinking, 'No WiFi...but I still want smart remote monitoring. Is that even possible?' Well, you're in luck! There are dependable alternatives for handling this kind of situation. One common method is by wiring a coaxial cable straight to a digital video recorder via an HD-CVI system or an analog system. Another way? Connect directly to your building with an IP Network video recorder and cameras. Pretty cool, huh?

These systems – the HD-CVI and IP systems, aren't dependent on WiFi. They function through cable connections, yet they don't compromise advanced security features. For instance, how cool would it be to check live feeds and recorded footage of all your cameras right from your phone, regardless of where you are? These surveillance systems offer exactly that at no additional monthly cost.

Still curious? Why don't you check out these advanced non-WiFi systems?

Now, if you're on the hunt for a security system that doesn't depend on WiFi or cellular signals, Analog or HD-CVI Systems can be a fantastic pick. These systems have proven their reliability over time. A lot of establishments – residential and commercial, are pre-wired with the necessary coaxial cable. This makes it super easy to set up and manage surveillance setups sans WiFi.

A cutting-edge DVR recorder can jive with both technologies. However, there's a noticeable difference when it comes to the security cameras. Analog one's video quality is gauged in lines of resolution while HD cameras work in terms of megapixels. Want to zoom in on a face or a license plate? HD security cameras sans WiFi offer the finest details.

Say you have a building wired for ethernet; Network IP Surveillance Systems would be your best bet. Connect the cameras and recorders to access points with CAT5/6 ethernet cables, and they'll be good to go.

You know what's even better? These systems come with built-in Power Over Ethernet (PoE). This means you'll only need one cable for both power and video feed. And yes, they can operate even without an internet connection. But of course, if you want to enjoy limitless remote viewing and motion detection alerts, you'd have to connect your security gear to a network router.

At CCTV Security Pros, we pride ourselves on having a collection of top-notch cameras that run without depending on WiFi. Our professional team is on hand to guide you in selecting the best security cameras to match your exceptional surveillance requests. We deliver tailor-made security solutions and offer clear instructions via our Learning Center. Plus free USA tech & set up!

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