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Where to Buy and View CCTV Cameras Online

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jun 27, 2019

Buy and View CCTV Cameras Online

Choosing the right CCTV security camera systems online is a decision that businesses of all sizes face. Surveillance technology is evolving, so businesses can be assured of enjoying benefits way beyond just security. Whether you want to buy IP security cameras, HD over coax security cameras, or complete security systems, where you make your purchase really matters.

A full security system is not complete without all the equipment you need to install it, the support you need to set it up and use it, and of course, the options provided in case you need to upgrade the system or try out new security cameras. CCTV Security Pros — a direct supplier of commercial grade security surveillance systems, cameras, and associated equipment — offers everything you need to cater to all your business surveillance needs.

Here, we offer some insights on what to consider before buying security cameras and systems, where to buy them, and how to view your CCTV cameras online.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Surveillance System

Do you want the cameras to be discreet or visible?

What you want to monitor and the location of your cameras will determine whether visible or discreet cameras are needed. Box or bullet cameras are the best for monitoring areas where you want people to be aware that they’re being monitored, such as storefronts and malls. Dome cameras are suitable for more discreet surveillance, as they are smaller and more easily concealed. PTZ cameras are also great for monitoring large areas. When installing discreet cameras, keep in mind workplace privacy laws.

Will the cameras be used indoors or outdoors?

While most CCTV security cameras for online use are designed for both indoor and outdoor monitoring, consider features like housing and mounting. For monitoring outdoor environments that experience extreme weather conditions, you need a weatherproof camera. If it’s installed outside in a busy area, vandal proof housing is also recommended. Night vision, motion detection, and wide-angle viewing features are a must-have for outdoor surveillance cameras.

What level of image detail and clarity do you need?

The size of the area you want to monitor will mostly determine the resolution you need. For instance, monitoring wide areas will need higher resolution cameras so you can be sure of getting high-quality images that will provide clear details of faces and license plates when need be. When buying CCTV cameras online for small areas like offices and reception areas, mid-range resolution cameras are ideal. Whichever way, the higher the resolution, the better.

Are the Lighting Conditions Right?

When buying security cameras, you want to be sure you’re buying the best ones for the lighting conditions inside or outside your business or property. Lighting conditions can impact the quality of the surveillance footage. Issues such as highly-reflective walls and floors or strong backlighting can also create a glare that presents an issue for your cameras. Investing in cameras that come with light filtering technology and artificial illuminators can help create clearer images both day and night.

What features are a must-have?

Do you want infrared night vision, motion detection, wide-angle viewing, pan-tilt-zoom, integrated two-way audio, wireless connectivity, cloud storage capabilities, alarm integration, or other types of features? Your security monitoring needs now and in the future should determine the type of features you select. When buying CCTV cameras online, ensure they have a combination of these features for comprehensive security monitoring and management.

What about scalability?

Today, business needs are growing fast — including the need for reliable and robust security monitoring. Having a scalable and flexible surveillance system is critical. If you have a traditional analog surveillance system, scaling things up can be a challenge. That’s why investing in IP security cameras that allow you to easily upgrade and scale any installation as you need is critical. With these kinds of systems, adding new IP cameras is simple and cost-effective.

Where to Buy Security Cameras

Shopping for security cameras online is the best option, as it not only offers you a chance to evaluate numerous products but also saves you money. With so many companies selling security cameras and systems, it’s easy to get confused when making a decision. If you want to buy high-quality CCTV cameras online, the safest way is to purchase from a trusted security camera online store — CCTV Security Pros.

Why Buy from CCTV Security Pros?

Business Monitoring

  • Customized Solutions - We know how expensive it can be to have a professional-grade security camera system installed. That’s why we offer you custom-grade security camera systems online with all the features you need. We supply all the equipment you need for complete installation and offer unlimited USA tech support so you can get help with everything from system purchases to setup and use, saving you time and money.
  • Easy Plug-and-Play - All our security cameras and complete systems are easy to configure and setup. With our innovative plug-and-play feature, you can enjoy DIY surveillance setup for your business with easy cabling and user-friendly configuration for a truly customizable surveillance solution. Visit our Learning Center to learn more about security cameras and systems.
  • Remote Viewing - You can view your CCTV security cameras online right from your phone, tablet, or computer for no monthly fee or subscription. Viewing live footage is easy with our intuitive and user-friendly PC software and mobile apps. We ensure easy cell set up with QR code P2P to ensure remote viewing is a breeze. All you have to do is to scan the code, and the cameras and the app will pop up on your smartphone, making it very easy. All our products include software and cell app to monitor all your cameras anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
  • Reliable Online Support - Whether you need help with installation, upgrading your system, or have any questions about our online CCTV cameras, we have a dedicated team of experienced sales and support experts to help you get your design a customized security system and get it up and running in no time. Feel free to call our reliable team at (888) 653-2288.
  • Fast Shipping - At CCTV Security Pros, we ship all products ordered at our online store between Monday and Friday. All security products come will everything you need, including connections, hardware, simple quick start guides, and surveillance signs and stickers. Enjoy a three-year warranty with every product and our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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