Outdoor Security Camera Systems

Outdoor Security Camera Systems

Outdoor Business and Home Camera Systems

The world we live in is rapidly evolving and the need for increased security measures is more crucial than ever before. Whether you are a homeowner seeking to protect your property and loved ones or a business owner trying to safeguard their assets, investing in an outdoor security camera system can offer an excellent solution.  We at CCTV Security Pros will help you throughout both the buying and installation process so you can easily install an outdoor security camera system yourself and save thousands. 

Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Security Camera Systems

Burglaries and trespassing incidents have become increasingly prevalent. The mere presence of a security camera, however, can often deter potential criminals.  But it's not just turning away criminals. A comprehensive outdoor security camera system can also play an important role in personal safety, helping to identify visitors, monitor workers, children and pets playing in the yard, or even capture evidence of car collisions on the nearby street. Also, in case of any unfortunate eventuality, the footage can be beneficial for insurance claims or legal situations.

Types of Outdoor Security Cameras

Not all outdoor security cameras are created equal. Different types offer different features, and the best choice for you will depend on your unique needs and circumstances.  We will highlight some of our more popular outdoor security cameras starting with the top choice - bullet cameras with night vision.

Outdoor Bullet Cameras

These are cylindrical in shape and designed for both wide angle long-distance viewing depending on the model. They are ideal for monitoring a wide area or a fixed area like your driveway or backyard.  Some of our bullet cameras also have adjustable zoom lenses so you can focus on areas or objects further away for better identification.  All our our bullet cameras are weatherproof and have built in night vision so you can be assured clarity in both day and night.  Bullet cameras can see very far in complete darkness.

Outdoor Dome Cameras

Outdoor dome cameras are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and the fact that they are also vandal resistant which is excellent for high traffic areas, dome cameras feature a spherical shape. They are excellent for monitoring a broad wide angle area.  Some of our dome cameras have motorized zoom lens so they are able to get up and personal to the object or subjects you are trying to monitor. 

Outdoor PTZ Cameras

Short for Pan-Tilt-Zoom, these cameras allow you to control their movement and zoom in on suspicious activities, making them ideal for spaces like large properties or commercial areas.  You notice PTZ cameras in airports, casinos, supermarkets, malls, and even outside some business and homes.  These cameras often come with auto tracking so the camera will follow objects automatically.  They can be programmed to do tours of important areas, and the can even be manually controlled over the Internet or cell phone app.  These cameras often can capture incredible detail both near and far.  They have long-range zoom lenses which allow them to operate almost like you are using binoculars.  Our PTZ cameras have both digital and optical vari-focal lenses.

Wireless Cameras

Our wireless cameras and systems transmit video signals wirelessly, which means no wiring hassles. However, they typically need an external power source to operate.  99% of our customers use our wired solutions due to reliability, performance, and a variety of choices.   We recommend wired whenever possible. 

Specialty Cameras | License, Fisheye, PTZ, Doorbell

We offer cameras for special applications.   Our specialty cameras include fisheye cameras, license plate cameras, and our new doorbell camera for homes.  Many of our outdoor security cameras have built in microphones and even 2-way audio for even greater surveillance, security, and protection.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting an outdoor security camera system, consider these important features:

  • Resolution: High-resolution and high definition cameras offer clearer and more detailed images. Go for Full HD or 4K resolution options for superior image quality.
  • Night Vision: Quality night vision is crucial for capturing events that occur after dark.  Ensure you purchase a camera that meets your distance requirements.
  • Field of View: A broader field of view allows your camera to monitor larger areas.  A zoom view allows you to view objects a further distance, however, you loose the wide angle.  Generally a combination of wide angle and zoom angle cameras are needed depending on the application and monitoring goals. 
  • Motion Detection: All of our cameras come with motion detection that can alert you on your cell phone or email about suspicious activities around your property.  Our new smart motion detection cameras use AI to stop false motion alarms by focusing primarily on vehicles and humans.  
  • Weather Resistance: We make this easy.  ALL of our cameras can be used outdoors.  We ensure they are weather-resistant and warrantied to withstand harsh climate conditions.
  • Storage & Cloud Services: Consider how the camera stores footage – locally on an NVR/DVR or on the cloud. Remember, cloud storage typically involves a subscription fee.  Our standalone systems utilize the recorder's hard drive to store video.  In turn you can review video footage over the Internet or cell phone.  This is a super private and secure method to store your personal data - and you never pay a monthly fee. 

Installation and Maintenance

Installing an outdoor security camera system involves several steps, and while some may prefer to hire professionals, others may opt for DIY options. It is not very difficult.  The time consuming part is running the cable.  Once you run the cable you do not need to be a tech genius to configure your system.  We have quick start guides, videos, and experts that you can alway call along the way if needed.  Remember that its primary aim is to provide maximum coverage and deter potential threats. Camera placement is crucial. Potential spots include entrances, windows, driveways, gardens, sheds, and garages.

Maintenance is equally important. Regular cleaning, checking for loose fittings, keeping the software updated, ensuring optimal night vision, and regularly reviewing the footage can help keep your outdoor security camera system functioning optimally.

Work with the Pros

We make it easy to select the perfect outdoor security camera system for your needs   All our security cameras are high definition commercial grade cameras and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

By considering your unique needs and understanding the different types and features of security cameras, you can make an informed decision that allows you to feel secure and protected. We are here to provide any guidance or advice you need to make choosing and installing your own system a pleasurable experience. 

Whether it's the safety of your loved ones or the protection of your hard-earned assets, an outdoor security camera system serves as a strong deterrent. Rest assured knowing your home or business is watched over, any time, day or night.

Why Choose CCTV Security Pros For Outdoor Security Cameras?

When considering where to buy your camera systems, CCTV Security Pros has the best outdoor security cameras on the market. We offer a variety of high-quality products, industry-leading customer support, and online resources to help you choose and install the right outdoor security solutions for your home or business.

Protect your home or business today with a reliable and superior outdoor security camera system! We have a wide range of options and find the perfect solution to meet your unique needs.

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