Featured Security Cameras

Featured Security Cameras

Gone are the days of grainy, black-and-white surveillance footage where identifying the face of a burglar would require the skills of a seasoned detective. Say hello to the present where security cameras have powerful features like crisp HD images, night vision and even AI functionalities. We are talking about IP and HD Over Coax Security Cameras, the latest in the world of CCTV technology. 

IP Security Cameras and POE

If you're new to this, IP cameras stand for Internet Protocol. It means that these cameras communicate via the internet. They come with a robust set of built in features like high-resolution video, advanced video analytics and remote viewing capabilities. 'POE' or `Power Over Ethernet', refers to their ability to receive both power and data over one single cable. It saves you from the mess of managing separate cables, making for an easy and "clean" installation.

HD Over Coax Security Cameras

Next in line, we offer High Definition Over Coax Security Cameras.  These cameras are installed using coax (BNC) cables, like the analog systems of the past.  Many customers using old CCTV camera systems choose to upgrade to HD since the wiring is in place.  By switching out your DVR recorder an cameras you can now acheive up to 4K ultra HD video over coax cable. 

Explore the latest CCTV cameras that are making quite a stir.

We Offer Two Types of Security Cameras

1. IP Security Cameras

It's not your regular, off-the-shelf camera that we are talking about here. IP Security Cameras or Internet Protocol Cameras. When you get an IP camera or system, you're stepping into a world that combines the power of the internet with high-end surveillance technology.

What are IP Security Cameras and POE

IP security cameras work by transmitting video data via an internet connection. The ace up their sleeve is the Power Over Ethernet (POE) feature. It allows them to receive electric power and a network connection through the same standard Ethernet cable. Simple, right?

2. HD Over Coax Security Cameras

And then, for those trying to upgrade old technology cost effectively, our HD Over Coax Security Cameras.

What are HD Security Cameras over Coax

These cameras use coaxial cable to transmit high definition video from the camera to the recording equipment. This type of cable is already widely used in traditional analog CCTV systems. A bonus? You can hook up the HD Over Coax cameras to the existing coax cable and power supply which you might already have if you're upgrading from your old analog system.

We Offer 1080p to 4K Stunning Clear Cameras

With our range of cameras, you can choose from 1080p (Full HD) up to 4k cameras. Just imagine - the details you'd miss with a standard CCTV camera will be clearly visible with our cameras. We like to compare it to moving from an old box TV to a modern home theatre!

Features of The Best Security Cameras

Here's what you should look for when picking the perfect security camera for yourself:

  • Low light vision: To pick up clear images even in dimly lit locations
  • Wide-Angle Lens: For covering larger areas with one camera
  • Motion and Audio Detection: To alert you to any motion or sound in the area being monitored
  • Mobile App Support: For remote monitoring and playback
  • Weather and Vandal Resistant: To protect the camera and maintain functionality in adverse conditions
  • Excellent Resolution : It’s all in the details, especially when it comes to identifying potential intruders

Check Out Our Top 10 Recommended Cameras from Our Professionals

Here are our top 10 recommended cameras hand-picked by our professionals.Remember, the best security camera isn't always the most expensive or feature-packed one. It's the one that fits your specific needs the best. Choose the camera that works best for your application.  Feel free to explore our wide range of cameras to find the best one for your particular needs.  If you have any questions call one of our professionals for advice at (888) 653-2288.

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