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Fever Detection Solutions


Helping the USA get back to work safely and efficiently.

We are happy to help businesses get "back to work" safely with our new fever screening devices. We offer thermal cameras and other devices such as wrist temperature measurement.  Our proven and effective solutions can be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Thermal imaging cameras represent the latest devices businesses hope will help reopen and keep open the economy while keeping everyone safe from the threat of COVID-19. These cameras and wrist devices are used to scan temperature from a safe distance. If a fever is detected, the company may require further screening or deny entry until temperature is within normal limits. These solutions are being used in all types of businesses including airports, healthcare centers, retail stores, and apartment buildings.  Thermal solutions for elevated body temperature is one part of a comprehensive health and safety program to keep your employees and customers safe.  Instead of a dedicated person or staff member taking temperatures or employees, consider these cost effective solutions.  

Identifying individuals with elevated body temperature (EBT) can help reduce or dramatically slow down the spread of viruses and infections.

Fever detection devices are a "special order" item.  They come with a 1 year warranty.  There are no returns on fever detection devices.  Please allow 3-5 week lead time for delivery.

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