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Security Camera FAQs

Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions that our tech support team receives on a regular basis. If you need help with basic troubleshooting, this is the place to go for general assistance for your security camera system. If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at

1.) How do I locate the model number of my DVR or NVR?

A sticker can be found on the bottom of your DVR or NVR that displays the unit's specific model number. The model number can also be found on your online receipt, along with your order number. Please reference your order number and/or model number when contacting us for support.

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2.) Where can I find my DVR or NVR User's Manual?

There's a CD-ROM packaged in the DVR or NVR’s shipping box that includes a PDF User's Manual, as well as software for your PC or Mac that will allow you to view your DVR or NVR locally and remotely. If you've lost the disc, you can visit our DVR Support and NVR Support sections by clicking on the aforementioned links.

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3.) Why didn't I get an HDMI cable with my DVR or NVR?

Only our Extreme Series units ship with an HDMI cable. Our Pro Series and Lite Series units don't include an HDMI cable. If you have a computer monitor or HD television that supports HDMI input and would like to use it as your DVR or NVR monitor, you can purchase an HDMI cable from us directly or pick one up at a retailer near you.

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4.) Does my DVR or NVR have built-in speakers?

Our DVRs and NVRs don't offer the ability to play audio on their own. You have to either use external powered speakers and hook them up to the audio output on your unit or use a monitor that has built-in speakers and connect it to your unit using an HDMI cable.

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5.) How do I hook up a monitor to my DVR or NVR?

All our DVRs and NVRs include two ways to hook up a monitor; HDMI and VGA output. Select models will also include composite video output using a BNC connection. Our Video Monitoring Outputs guide visually outlines how to hook up a monitor to your unit. If you're not seeing the DVR or NVR on your monitor, you may have set your DVR’s or NVR’s resolution out of the range of the monitor and this can be fixed by following our solution for Accidental Resolution Change

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6.) Where do I plug in the mouse on my DVR or NVR?

All our units have at least two USB 2.0 ports (one on the front of the unit and one on the back of the unit). We advise plugging the mouse into the USB port on the back of your unit. Doing so leaves the USB port on the front of your DVR or NVR available for backing up video.

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7.) How do I backup video at my DVR or NVR?

We recommend using a USB thumb drive to backup video at your DVR or NVR, however you may also use an external USB hard drive (or your internal DVD burner, where applicable).

Please refer to our Backup Help section for step-by-step instructions.

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8.) How do I get the remote control to work with my DVR or NVR?

Make sure fresh batteries are inserted properly into the remote control. The remote control can be easily set to control multiple DVRs or NVRs. If the Add button is accidentally pressed, you may experience a remote control that doesn't work with your unit.

To fix this issue, follow these simple steps:

1.) First, log into your DVR or NVR and from the Main Menu, click on Setting and then click on General.

2.) Here you'll see a Device No. (the default Device No. is 8). Point the remote control at the front of your DVR and press the Add button and then press the number 8 (or the Device No. that's listed).

3.) Finally, press Enter on the remote control and it should now work with your unit.

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9.) What are the default passwords for my DVR or NVR?

The default passwords for your DVR or NVR are the same as the username. Therefore, the default password for the 888888 User is 888888, the default password for the admin User is admin and the default password for the 666666 User is 666666. We recommend using the 888888 User when logging into your unit locally.

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10.) What if my DVR or NVR account is locked and I can't login?

Your DVR or NVR account will lock itself when you or someone else has attempted to log into your unit, locally or remotely, with an incorrect user/password combination more than three times within 30 minutes. Please follow the Account Locked instructions to access your system.

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11.) How many days of video will my DVR or NVR store?

This question depends on numerous factors including the capacity of the hard drive(s) in your unit, the amount of cameras you have installed, whether you're recording all the time or just on motion (which also includes the amount of activity your cameras see), and the resolution, frame rate and bit-rate at which you're recording. Please refer to Account Locked and IP Record Times for a general approximation of what to expect from your DVR or NVR.

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12.) How many hard drives will my DVR or NVR hold?

Our Extreme Series units can hold up to 8 hard drives. Our Pro Series units can hold up to 2 hard drives. Our Lite Series, NVR Cube and NVR WIFI units hold one hard drive.

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13.) What hard drives are compatible with my DVR or NVR?

We highly recommend Western Digital Purple series hard drives as they're designed for constant use in surveillance recorders. You can purchase a hard drive from us directly if you wish to add additional recording time (only our Pro Series and Extreme Series units will hold more than one hard drive).

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14.) How do I set my DVR or NVR to record constantly?

The easiest way to set your unit to record all channels (cameras) all the time would be at your DVR or NVR following these easy steps:

1.) First, log into your unit and from the Main Menu, click on Setting and then click on Default.

2.) Here you'll see several square boxes highlighted in white. Be sure to deselect all boxes except for the one next to Schedule and then click OK.

3.) Next, right-click once on your mouse to bring you back to the Main Menu. Click on Advanced and then click on Record.

4.) Finally, make sure all channels are set to Schedule and then click OK.

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15.) How do I safely turn off my DVR or NVR?

There are two ways to turn off your DVR or NVR. The first way is to hold in the power button on the front of your unit for five seconds. A window will open on your display monitor showing the progress of the shutdown function. You must enter a password or already be logged into your DVR or NVR to shut it down this way. The second way is to use the power switch located on the back of your DVR or NVR. This switch will immediately power down your unit. When shutting down your DVR or NVR (or any other sensitive electronic equipment), please wait about five seconds before turning it back on again.

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