Infrared Bullet HD Cameras

HD Infrared Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras have gained immense popularity due to their sleek and compact design, making them easy to install in various locations. Whether you need to monitor your home, office, or a public space, our bullet cameras offer both convenience and effectiveness. Their slender cylindrical shape allows for flexible positioning, giving users the ability to adjust the camera angle as needed. Their infrared night vision offers incredible clarity even in complete darkness. Additionally, their rugged build ensures they can withstand indoor and outdoor environmental conditions without compromising on performance.

HD Technology Revolutionizes Surveillance

The introduction of HD technology has revolutionized the surveillance industry, elevating the image quality and clarity of recorded footage. HD bullet security cameras capture video in a resolution of up to 4K,  providing intricate details and sharpness that assist in identifying faces, objects, and activities within the camera's field of view. With this enhanced level of visual information, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that crucial evidence can be extracted from the footage if required.

Utilizing Existing Coax Cables

You can easily upgrade your surveillance system to HD without the need for extensive rewiring or replacing the existing infrastructure. You can still use your existing coaxial cables, you would simply upgrade the DVR and the cameras. This compatibility with the legacy cabling infrastructure is a significant advantage, making HD bullet cameras an attractive option for those seeking an upgrade.

We have a great selection of bullet security camerras and camera systems including HD over coax and IP bullet security cameras as well.  Order online 24/7 or call us at (888) 653-2288).

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