4 Camera DC Power Supply

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4 Camera DC Power Supply
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4-Camera DC Power Supply

This 12V DC CCTV power supply unit covers up to four cameras at once. If you are using a DVR and 4 cameras, this unit will give you one place to plug in all 4 cameras independently instead of using an individual power supply for each camera. It supports cameras that need 700mA of power each.


  • Easy installation
  • Four independent power supply ports with an output of 0.7A
  • CCTV power supply comes with accurate overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • Supports security camera systems that need up 700mA for each security camera

Easy to Connect and Use

Our CCTV camera power supply adapters meet the highest standards and are a reliable option to power multiple security cameras. Choose from single-camera supply and multiple security camera power supply adapters.

The adapter is generally used with HD over Coax camera systems, whereas Internet Protocol (IP) systems are often powered through their connected Ethernet cable. Fulfill your security system needs with our selection of accessories here at CCTV Security Pros.

Use the Correct Equipment

If the proper amount of power is not supplied to your security cameras, it can cause them to lose signal. Depending on cable use and distance, it’s important to check two essential things: voltage and amperage, while also keeping in mind voltage drops. If you’re not sure about the right power supply adapter for your cameras, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable support team can help you.

Our CCTV power supply adapters are built with sturdy components that ensure dependable power for your security cameras. All of our security products and accessories come with free shipping, free unlimited USA tech support, a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, and a 3-year warranty. When you shop at CCTV Security products, you’re assured of getting professional-grade superior products that are trusted by over 60,000 customers.

Shop Surveillance & Security Accessories

Whether you’re looking for security camera cables, connections, camera lenses, CAT5 cables, security camera housings, surveillance monitors, surveillance signs, and more, we carry a wide selection of surveillance and security accessories to meet your upgrade or installation needs. We can supply you with all the necessary accessories you need, including CCTV power supply adapters for your IP security cameras, HD security cameras, or wireless security cameras.

Shop CCTV camera power supply adapters for your additional power needs or new security camera systems at CCTV Security Pros. We provide the best deals for your installation needs and come work with you closely to customize your surveillance system or complete an upgrade. You can be sure that we supply all the extras that you need for your security cameras and systems.

Order commercial-grade security camera system accessories online now or contact us if you have any questions or need advice. Visit our Learning Center to learn more about our products.

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4 Camera DC Power Supply

4 Camera DC Power Supply



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