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4K Security Camera Cable & Wiring

Apr 30, 2021

4k security camera cable

If you’re setting up a 4K security camera system, you’re going to need to power your security cameras and connect them to your network and video recorder. This is where 4K security camera cables and wiring come in. Getting the right cable type is critical to ensure your Ultra-HD surveillance system performs well.

What Types of Cables Do You Need for 4K Security Cameras?

4K security cameras and systems most often use CAT5/6 ethernet cables to send both power and data to and from IP security cameras. This is made possible by 4K security camera POE (Power over Ethernet) technology that makes it possible to access, manage, and view your security camera footage via any internet-enabled device like your PC, smartphone, or tablet. 

With only a single ethernet cable powering your cameras and transmitting video footage, you get to enjoy convenient and instant plug-and-play surveillance. 4K security camera cables often run directly from each camera to a PoE switch that’s connected to your local network. A network video recorder is then connected to the network to complete the 4K security system set-up. 

Find the Right Cable Solutions for Your Needs

Choosing the right security camera cables and connections plays a significant role in ensuring the correct installation of your 4K security system. 4K security cameras4K IP cameras will need ethernet cables for installation. The good thing is, there are pre-made ethernet cables at various lengths for sale online. Some of the recommended cables include the solid copper 6type CAT5e cables which are UL-rated for long-distance signal transmission and economy CCA-type CAT5e cables.

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