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Are Any Security Cameras Truly Vandal Proof?

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Apr 2, 2020

vandal proof dome security cameras

Security cameras can effectively deter and catch all kinds of criminal activity by helping to keep people accountable for what they do. But if you’re determined to steal from or vandalize a building, you might start by trying to destroy the  security camera. That’s why vandal proof cameras are so important.

What is a vandal Proof Security Camera?

A vandal proof security camera is a type of CCTV camera that is assembled with a durable housing and mount. The large majority of these are  dome security cameras. Vandal dome cameras are better at surviving damage because of their shape. While bullet security cameras often have better zoom capability, their shape makes them easier to disable.

The heavy-duty exterior of vandal cameras also provides extra protection from severe weather like heavy rain, extreme wind gusts, and snow. Vandal proof cameras should always be considered when investing in an outdoor video surveillance system for your business, home, or other property.

These types of security cameras are often installed in areas most prone to crime, vandalism, or accidental damage. They work well in high-security areas like entry points and exits in residential and commercial buildings, parking lots, hotels, banking halls, retail stores, warehouses, and airports.

Are Any Cameras Truly Vandal Proof?

That answer depends on factors such as the type of  camera housing material used, the IK rating or impact protection rating of the camera (more on that below), and the installation quality. Various aspects of a vandal proof camera like the lens and wiring can be vulnerable to damage.

While nothing is 100% impact-proof, you should know that not all vandal proof surveillance cameras offer the same level of protection. You need to compare the type of protective features offered and IK rating of each camera you are considering. The higher the IK rating, the better protection it will provide.

What Does IK Rating Mean?

To understand how well a security camera can withstand heavy impacts, look at the vandal proof camera’s IK rating. IK is an international numeric classification system that means “Impact Protection Rating.” It’s set forth by the  International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which regulates and publishes worldwide standards for all electronic and electrical-related technology.

IK ratings range from IK00, which means no protection, up to IK10. Vandal proof dome cameras with a rating of IK10 are able to withstand an impact of up to 20 joules, which is equivalent to a 5kg mass dropped from a height of 4 meters.

Always check the security camera IK rating when comparing  different types of security systems.

What Can Vandal Proof Surveillance Cameras Do for Your Property?

Vandal proof cameras are an ideal way to monitor your business or property and record potential burglars or criminals in the act without worrying about your security cameras being damaged. While security cameras are a great deterrent against criminals, many determined vandals, burglars, and thieves will attempt to damage, disable, or destroy your cameras.

That’s why installing vandal proof security cameras in areas where you know that your cameras are vulnerable to vandalism is important. Such areas include front and back yards, retail store entries, garages, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. With the right dome security cameras, whether  IP (Internet Protocol) or HD-over-Coax, you can feel confident knowing you have durable and reliable surveillance coverage.

Burglars and thieves use a wide range of strategies to avoid getting caught on camera. When they realize they’re being monitored, they’ll either leave or try to vandalize or tamper with the vandal proof cameras. For this reason, you’ll want to buy the highest rated vandal proof security cameras to thwart any attempts of vandalism.

Why You Need Vandal Proof Security Cameras

Vandal proof dome cameras have hardware features like metal housings and screws that are extremely difficult to gain access to, making dismantling hard. Without this level of protection, an intruder or burglar could use brute force to dismantle the cameras using something like a baseball bat.

The rugged metal housing is designed to safely hold the critical components of the camera, such as the lens and sensors, to ensure functionality. Security camera manufacturers like  CCTV Security Pros use innovative designs to ensure that the camera lenses are protected from damage and physical abuse. Vandal proof cameras are critical when choosing a security system for your property.

They make you feel safer and give you peace of mind knowing that your cameras are reliable, tough, and ready to handle any form of vandalism. In case an intruder enters your property, a vandal proof surveillance camera will still function well and monitor and record any activity out of the ordinary.

Additionally, you can monitor your security cameras remotely from anywhere via smartphone, PC, or tablet. If criminal activity occurs, and your cameras are damaged because they’re not vandal proof, you can’t produce evidence to law enforcement, making it hard to prove a case.

Vandal Proof Security Camera Installation

How you install your vandal proof cameras is another crucial factor to keep in mind. To ensure your security cameras are well protected, make sure they’re firmly mounted to help them withstand any rough handling or abuse. The security cameras should be anchored to the wall or ceiling with strong screws and mounts. The right  accessories are imperative for your installation to be successful.

The wires should also run inside the wall or ceiling to ensure they’re not exposed, which can make it easy for intruders to cut cables and interfere with your system. The placement of vandal proof dome cameras also plays a huge role in keeping your cameras safe. Ensure that your cameras are outside of people’s reach - that includes an arm’s length while holding a bat or other object.

Position your vandal proof cameras in hard to reach areas, ideally 8 feet or more off of the ground. This makes it much more difficult for vandals to blind the camera with spray paint, or reach it with a blunt object like a baseball bat.

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