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Benefits of the Newest Security Cameras - Why Upgrade?

Aug 7, 2023

Newest SureVision Security Camera

Like all kinds of modern technology, security cameras have continued to evolve considerably over the years. The quality improvements and new features are tremendous. If you wouldn’t use a cell phone or computer more than a decade old, why would you trust obsolete technology to secure your business or property? Here, we’ll take a look at many of the outstanding new features and benefits of the newest security cameras.

Comparing New & Old Camera Systems

Security cameras used to operate in analog mode and were recorded to a VCR using a standard coax cable. The features were basic and designed to offer at least some level of video surveillance.

The newest camera format is called Internet Protocol, or IP. It’s digital as opposed to analog and runs through CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable. Modern security cameras are capable of super high-definition video and a much greater number of helpful features and analytics.  IP cameras are connected to a network video recorder in order to recorder, review, and monitor on the internet.

The quality of security cameras continues to improve tremendously. While the ability to view your cameras remotely over the internet was once a special feature, the newest security cameras by CCTV Security Pros include this feature standard with no contracts or ongoing fees. There is no complicated setup and you don’t need to be a computer tech to install your own system.

Active Deterrence

One feature of the newest security cameras is active deterrence. After all, the best time to stop a crime is before it occurs. Active deterrence can include spotlights, 2-way microphones, alarms, and other features designed to let the criminal know they are being watched.

These features are usually activated when motion is detected, and the settings are completely customizable. So you can program your system to activate them only outside of business hours, for example. These features really take a more offensive approach to surveillance.

Smart Motion Detection for Humans and Vehicles

AI technology is also getting better every day. At one time, many things could trigger motion alerts; from leaves blowing in the wind to a squirrel running across the lawn. This could get rather annoying to the user. After all, who wants to get woken up by a false alarm?

With the smart motion detection of the newest security cameras, the system can filter out false alarms like these. Cameras can distinguish humans and vehicles from other types of motion, and will only alert you when there is a true active threat. This technology has greatly reduced the number of false alarms. With modern security cameras, you can expect to only get alerts for important events.

Object Masking Motion Detection

Another enhancement available on the newest security cameras is targeted motion detection — also called masking. It’s a simple, yet effective feature for focusing on the most important surveillance areas.

The user can choose a specific area where they want the camera to capture motion and ignore other areas that are not important. Perhaps you want to capture surveillance in front of your business, however, you do not want passing vehicles to trigger recording. You can simply use the mouse included with the recorder to highlight areas that you do not want to trigger motion or motion recording. This feature of modern security cameras saves you both time and valuable space on the recorder’s hard drive for more important video events.


New SureVision PTZ security camera

Improved Identification for Faces and License Plates

The newest security cameras can identify and store faces and license plates within the digital video recorder for future use and identification. If an incident occurs, the camera captures and stores high-definition closeup images of faces or license plates that can be reviewed and referred to as needed. Important videos can easily be retrieved and shared with authorities if needed without having to search for hours. Compatible cameras and recorders from CCTV Security Pros are necessary for this technology to work seamlessly.

Full-Color Night Vision and Dual Illumination

Newer security cameras have better night vision. Advanced night viewing capabilities such as full-color mode help capture high-quality images in super low-light conditions.

Some cameras have high-powered infrared LEDs to capture video extremely far away in complete darkness. These cameras flood the area with infrared light that only the camera can see.

Some of our modern security cameras offer dual illumination, which means both infrared and visible light are used together to capture the best quality images.

Internet Viewing with No Monthly Fees

Once a special feature of older systems, Internet viewing is a standard feature of our new security cameras. We offer internet viewing and a cell phone app with no monthly fees. You can view your cameras anywhere in the world with our software with an Internet connection. You can also review video footage from any computer as well.

You can set up your recorder to send motion alerts while you’re away so you can always protect your assets and look into unusual activity. There are no monthly fees and our phone app is included for free.

New security camera and cable

The Features of Surevision by CCTV Security Pros

The latest security cameras offer a wide range of advanced features to help keep your property safe and secure. And you can find them all in SureVision cameras by CCTV Security Pros. From active deterrence to AI technology, motion detection, full-color night vision, and remote internet viewing, there are many benefits to upgrading to one of our new security camera systems.

CCTV Security Pros offers the latest and greatest systems that you can upgrade to. Many customers are choosing to upgrade to modern SureVision security cameras based on the great technology and features offered. Here are several reasons why you might consider making the switch:

  • Higher Definition - SureVision offers up to 4K high-definition video. This is stunningly clear and the detail captured by the cameras is very impressive.
  • Advanced Features - SureVision has all of the features previously mentioned available. SureVision offers the latest and greatest in face and license plate recognition, motion detection, remote viewing, and night vision. This will provide greater security overall.
  • Support - SureVision systems come with great support. Use our quick start guides, videos, knowledge base, or live representative. Support is included for the life of the product.
  • Easy Installation - SureVision is plug-and-play and easy to install. You can literally plug your cameras in - in a snap! Cameras are connected to the NVR with a CAT5 Ethernet cable, making it as simple as plugging in a computer. If you can run a cable from each camera to the recorder you can do it yourself and save thousands.

Get a Security Expert on the Phone

Upgrading to SureVision cameras by CCTV Security Pros will provide a wide range of benefits with no monthly or subscription fees. If you are looking to enhance your security, you can order online or give us a call at (888) 653-2288. We’ll connect you with a security expert who can help determine which system is best for you and your property. We’re happy to help you find a fantastic new security camera system with the right features for the best price.

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