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CCTV Alarm Systems

Sep 15, 2022

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CCTV & alarm systems are increasingly popular security measures for both commercial and residential properties. When combined with complete video surveillance systems, they can enhance crime deterrence and offer an effective way of protecting your property and loved ones.

A CCTV system can complement and enhance the role of a more traditional alarm system for deterring or identifying and prosecuting intruders. Here's what you should know about security camera alarm systems.

Your CCTV System Can Send Alerts and Push Notifications

One of the benefits of modern CCTV & alarm systems is that you can set up motion-activated alerts and push notifications. If someone is seen outside your door after dark, or someone enters your stock room outside of business hours, your system can send a notification right to your phone allowing you to review the footage remotely.

As an owner or manager, this provides a high degree of oversight and flexibility for managing the situation at your location. You’ll also be able to catch incidents that a traditional alarm system might miss.

Set CCTV for 24/7 Recording or By Detected Motion

You can easily program your CCTV cameras to record continuously or to automatically start recording when motion is detected. While 24/7 recording ensures comprehensive coverage, detected motion recording will save storage space and make it easier to identify individual security events. You can also program your system to record and send alerts on a schedule, making it work as a CCTV alarm system only when you want it to.

In any configuration, a DVR or NVR allows you to review your footage or watch it live through smartphones, tablets, or computers. CCTV Security Pros is one of the only providers that enables this without any extra costs, ongoing fees, contracts, or subscriptions.

You Can Opt for More Advanced Features

If you want to take your video surveillance and alarm system to the next level, there are a few features you can look for. Some of these include two-way audio so that you can talk to the person through the security camera.

There are also CCTV alarm systems that come with a panic button feature. This is a great option if you ever feel like you're in danger and need help immediately. The latest security camera alarm systems also come with facial recognition technology. This means that the CCTV camera will be able to identify a person's face, trigger an alarm, and send an alert if it's someone who isn't supposed to be on your property.

Consider the Size and Layout of Your Property

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Before installing a CCTV alarm system, you should first consider the size and layout of your property. If you have a large estate, you will need to install more cameras and louder alarms than a small flat. The number of cameras needed will also depend on the layout of your property. For example, if you have a lot of windows and doors, then you will need more cameras to cover all the entrances.

Alarms also need to be set up at strategic points around your property. For example, you might want an alarm near the front door and another near the back. They should also be out-of-reach to ensure that intruders cannot disable them.

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