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Great Security Cameras for License Plates

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Dec 11, 2018

Great Security Cameras for License Plates

One of the most common needs for businesses surveillance camera customers is the ability to identify vehicles on or near their property. While most security systems can tell the make and model of a car or truck, not all have the resolution or zoom for capturing license plates. A quality security camera should be able to capture license numbers and letters even while the vehicle is in motion.

Learning how you can capture quality images of licenses plates even at a distance all boils down to the type of security cameras you choose and their features. Deciding among a variety of quality security cameras for license plate capturing can be a daunting task for small business owners who don’t have access to the specialized license plate capture cameras like those used in applications like toll booths and border control stations.

However, with today’s evolving surveillance technology, you can find great security cameras with superior features that enable you to capture all the license plate details you need. Let’s have a look at some of the core features to look out for - high definition, night vision, weatherproof and vandal proof, optical zoom and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.

High Definition Security Cameras

The first feature you should look out for in security cameras that can read license plates is undoubtedly high definition. Security cameras that can record surveillance videos and capture images at 1080p and 4K ultra HD are considered the best options. But keep in mind that what really matters when it comes to capturing license plates includes the actual megapixels that your cameras have as well as the focal length. The higher the megapixel count the security camera has, the better.

In practice, the day-to-day 1080p security camera that you have installed outdoors may not recognize the license plates of fast-moving vehicles at a distance. Results largely depend on the ideal environment as well as other camera features. For instance, 4MP, 5MP, and 8MP (4K) security cameras for license plate capturing with a narrow focal range will capture much clearer license plate numbers.

Higher resolution means more pixels, which goes a long way into enabling you to get much better and clearer images. Security cameras like the new motorized 8MP 4K Infrared Bullet Security Camera or the complete 8 Channel 4K 8MP Bullet IP Camera System that’s ideal for your small business surveillance needs from CCTV Security Pros feature high definition and megapixel features that you need to capture license plate details day or night.

Long Range Night Vision

Long Range Night Vision

No one wants to deal with an unexpected security incident at their home or business. Most of us that have security cameras installed focus on having a surveillance option that helps capture peoples faces, plus maybe a few feet of night vision to see what is happening indoors or outdoors at night. However, to capture license plates of still or moving vehicles at night, you’ll need security cameras for license plate capturing with long-range night vision capabilities.

There’s a difference between common “night vision” security cameras and specialize infrared security cameras that can operate even in low light conditions or complete darkness. For instance, the CCTV Security Pros PTZ Infrared 4MP HD Over Coax Security Camera with an amazing 30X zoom and 328 ft night vision would be a great option for capturing license plates in complete darkness. This camera works with the latest HD Digital Video Recorders to ensure a truly customized surveillance experience.

Weatherproof and Vandal Proof Design

Considering that your license plate security cameras will likely be installed outdoors, it’s important to make sure that they are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including dust, snow and powerful water jets when it rains. Whether you’re installing your camera at the entrance of your driveway, storefront, parking lot or other commercial space, you need to invest in the best weatherproof, waterproof and vandal proof cameras.

You can install the  4K Ultra HD 8 MP IP Infrared Bullet Security Camera from CCTV Security Pros. This ideal security camera for license plate capturing comes with a range of industry-certified features like the IP67 ingress protection, IK10 vandal resistance and high-quality metal casing that ensures it operates effectively even in the hottest and coldest weather conditions.

High-Quality Optical Zoom

Thanks to advanced optical zoom features in the latest security cameras, you can now zoom in on vehicles to view crucial details like number plates without affecting or degrading the quality of the image. For instance, if your cameras happen to the license plate of a vehicle used by burglars or thieves, you can download the recorded video or images and zoom in to see the license number more clearly. This can be helpful in crime investigation.

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade super-long range HD camera for your license plate capturing needs, consider the HD Over Coax 4MP PTZ Security Camera with a powerful 30x Zoom from CCTV Security Pros. This camera comes with impressive features and excellent close-up capabilities for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Features

Another important feature to look out for in security cameras for license plate capturing is pan, tilt, and zoom. The PTZ feature offers unrivaled value for security applications that need high-performance panning speed, continuous 360-degree rotation and a high-end image sensor that ensures superior low-light performance. The Controllable PTZ IP Dome Security Camera with 4x Digital Zoom from CCTV Security Pros enables you to control your camera anytime, anywhere and anyplace to get the crystal clear details you need.

Cutting-Edge Surveillance Technology

Cutting-Edge Surveillance Technology

CCTV Security Pros brings you commercial-grade security cameras and systems that feature the latest surveillance capabilities for your indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. With over 60,000 satisfied customers using our products, you can count on us to provide you with superior quality and cost-effective security camera systems.

If you’re searching for the best security cameras for license plate capture, don’t hesitate to talk to our support experts. We’re here to assist you to select the most reliable security cameras for your surveillance applications. Contact us now to discuss your needs.